The day is coming when the Church will be despised, not for allowing sexual abuse of minors, but for forbidding it.

What is necessary for the cultural change? Well, money and power coupled with the endless appetite for perversion among our elites, of course. It was one thing for the BBC to fake concern about sexual abuse of minors when it made a great story against the Papists. Good British tradition that.

But when BBC darling Jimmy Savile was the perv? Well, the Beeb took good care to cover that up in ways that many a bishop could have learned from. And now the next phase of the UK elite’s evolution on this subject appears:

Allow legal sex at 13 to stop ‘old men abuse persecutions’, says barrister

The age of consent for sex should be lowered to 13 years-old to end the ”persecution of old men” in the wake of the Savile sex abuse scandal, a leading barrister has claimed.

Of course! Concern about sexual abuse is *persecution of old men* now that the BBC’s star has fallen! Brilliant! Why didn’t the bishops think of that!

And since the Beeb controls the means of public discourse, it will be interesting to see how far the Ruling Class in the Country that Used to be England can propagate this utterly brazen new meme.

So far, the combox comments are running heavily against this revolting new lie. But the campaign of Newthink on the matter is its infancy. Let’s see where things stand in a few years after a steady campaign of massaging public opinion has been brought to bear on the matter.

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  • Patrick J Loveless

    Someone’s a closet NAMBLA member.

  • Marty Helgesen

    If only BBC personalities were permitted to marry, if only women could be BBC personalities, this sort of thing would never happen

  • Procopius

    Strange, no combox for the article anymore…..

  • dasrach

    I’m hallucinating right now, right? I can’t possibly have read what I thought I just read. Right?

  • Gen X Revert

    The phophet Shea strikes again. Amazing how things are turned around when the criminals are not men of the cloth.

  • Mark

    Mark, It seems that you have what I call “a case of the ass” against the bishops for allowing “sexual abuse of children”? Is that the case or am I just reading sarcasm?

    • chezami

      I have no idea what you mean.

  • Jack

    Where are all the atheists with their righteous outrage for pedophilia? Oops I forgot the tribal members clam up when it ain’t a priest. And in this case the outrage should be amplified. The Church knows it’s a sin. These guys are trying to legitimize it.
    “The age of consent for sex should be lowered to 13 years-old to end the ”persecution of old men” in the wake of the Savile sex abuse scandal, a leading barrister has claimed”
    Ain’t that beautiful? In the wonderful world of relativism the pervert becomes the victim.

    • Jack

      And, in a stroke of luck, that secular barrister can keep the Church out of the state.

  • jroberts548

    The age of consent for marriage in canon law is 14 for girls and 16 for boys. The barrister’s only off by a year.

    • Jack

      The lawyer ain’t talking marriage. And what’s the church going to say if old man Catholic tries to marry 14 year old Catholic Jessica?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      You lie by omission. It is 16 for boys and 14 for girls with parental or judicial consent. There’s a huge difference there.

      Also, the individual bishops’ conferences can set higher ages.