Among Members of a Fallen Species…

“I’m just as good as you” is not a bragging point.  Over at the Register, I offer a few reflections on the American Experiment in light of the fact that democracy is that form of government that shouts “Give us Barabbas!”

"Yeah, it is outrageous that that would amount to moral turpitude, and that immigration law ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"And both misdemeanours involved public property under $100, one of which is not suppose to ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"i'm glad i had finished my cup of coffee because otherwise that would have been ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"It was his parents fault for bringing him to a shithole country!"

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty

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  • Ridge_Runner

    That’s an odd slander. Are you really claiming that the polity in which Pontius Pilate was administering Roman justice was a democracy? Or just that any polity the human community might establish could end up with a scene like that? If the latter, it is merely a blinding glimpse of the obvious.

    • chezami

      It’s a joke. Lighten up. And yeah, the Founders were deeply suspicious of pure democracy.