Just Because a Baby is Disabled…

does not mean she is not perfect.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Amen. My reaction to anyone who suggests abortion or euthanasia for the disabled is not to argue with them. It is: “Get your filthy paws off my brother or I’ll duff you up.” Arguing might suggest that there is anything legitimate or tolerable about their murderous viewpoint.

  • jcb

    I see this rhetoric a lot, and I’m totally behind it as far as the substantive point goes, but it gives the (pernicious, it seems to me) impression that we have to insist that disabled babies are “perfect” in order to defend their right to exist. I very much hope that, in a fallen world, perfection is not the standard for being allowed to live.

    If disabilities aren’t imperfections, I’m not sure what “imperfection” means. Of course every baby, and every adult, has all manner of imperfections, and none of those imperfections constitute a reason to devalue, fail to love, fail to thank God for, regret the existence of, or kill anybody.

  • Hear hear! But now (because what’s a Catholic without guilt) I feel guilty for being so relieved that this baby appears to be healthy so far.