God Save Us from Narcissistic Priests

Father, it’s not all about you.  In fact, it’s not about you at all.  Do the words “alter Christus” ring a bell?  Nobody’s interested in how fascinating you are.  Give us Christ and not your talent for show tunes.  Also, stop stealing people’s wedding memories by sucking all the oxygen out of the room with your gigantic needy ego.  Sheesh!

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  • Elizabeth McClintic

    Is this a mental issue that has a cure?

    • Some experts say pathological narcissists don’t get better.

      But JPII said (paraphrase) we can hope for conversion (when he was talking about felons and capital punishment).

  • Survivor

    From personal experience, several priests, college professors and youth leaders that I have encountered who had a larger-than-life presence and attracted a large portion of their school/university/parish turned out to have a narcissistic personality and a deformed conscience.
    Not a few of them were later found guilty of sexual misconduct, either with adolescents or young adults. Nearly all of these incidents were male-male, though some were male-female.

    • Paxton Reis

      A parish in my hometown had a pastor who was bit of hip rock star and could pack the church, with mostly young people, for Mass. The one time I attended he spoke out about the need for women priests.

      Oh, he is now a former priest as he was busted for sexual abuse of a teenage male.

  • Priests should be struck mute in their homilies after 10 minutes, or if they preach on anything outside of the Gospel. I don’t care how valuable the seven sorrows of the blessed virgin are (and dude, they totally are!), but if they aren’t based on the readings/prayers/feast of the day, pipe down.
    And yeah, the whole priests making six figure salaries, that has to go as well.