Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I am the former seminarian and clergy abuse survivor who wrote you several weeks ago. I would first like to thank you for posting the request. It meant a great deal, and I truly felt the consolation of your readers’ prayers. God was also provident with the arrival of some additional money that helped pay some bills.

I am, however, dealing with a new issue. I will spare you the details, but several times over the past few months I have been stricken terrible physical pain that only happens on Sunday mornings when I am getting ready for Mass. My doctor and I agree that it is psychosomatic, but it is still a burden.

I have remained faithful despite what was done to me, so it is profoundly disturbing to have my very body rebel against attending Mass. Please ask your readers to pray that I might be delivered from this dark night of the soul.

In the interim, I recall the words of Blessed John Cardinal Newman: “Lead, Kindly Light.”

Father, hear our prayer for this man’s complete healing in body, soul, spirit, and emotions that he may delivered from this pain and approach your altar unhindered by the the assaults of Satan. Mother Mary and St. Michael, pray for him and defend him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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