Finally! An Actual Jewish Conspiracy!

Jewish mom rescues 3228 Jews from Syria.

She probably baked them something nice too.  An especially cunning people, them Jewish moms.

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  • sparxz

    Just curious to know. Are you a cryto jew ? Just asking after reading through your blog, and your bias against Church History and using terminology that contradicts etc…

    • There’s no way this is real. We should have a carnival barker and charge people a dime to read this (2 cents for the kids).

    • chezami

      Oh look! How Reactionaries give off “Don’t touch me! I’m a Jew-hating weirdo!” signals.

    • kenofken

      Are you living in 1498?

    • Joe

      Dude, seriously?!

    • Noah Doyle

      How does one contradict ‘et cetera’?

  • Michael Ejercito

    A heroic Jewish mother…almost like Saint Mary.

  • BadMF

    Badass. I wish we could bottle what she has- courage, perseverance, genuine concern for other people, initiative and ingenuity. May we all get a good dose of it.

  • kenofken

    She’s got the power of Jewish mom guilt over 3,228 people, at least the young men among them! Woe unto those who think they are spending the holidays outside of her home! 🙂

  • Elmwood

    Awesome story!

    Just don’t try to come to America–we don’t need any more illegals taking our jobs.

  • caine

    I kind of grieve over this. I hope it is just my ignorance. But where are OUR conspiracies? Where are our complementary conspiracies getting the Orthodox Christians out of Syria or various persecuting nations? I know there were a lot of those in the Church during the Nazi era, as I hope there are now. They are just so clandestine that we don’t hear about them… but somehow, I am not confident of that.

  • Shawna Mathieu

    Here’s another “Jewish conspiracy” for you:
    Earlier in the year, I read about an Iranian imam who talked about a horrible massacre that happened in antiquity. A foreign man manipulated events so that he could have his niece crowned queen, in order to control the king. After she secured a high ranking position for her uncle, a loyal government official realized the plot, and did all he could to avert disaster. The queen, realizing this government official could ruin their plans, she used her feminine wiles on the king, so he would turn a blind eye to a revolt that killed innocent Persians, and, took it upon herself to have her greatest enemy executed for her pleasure.
    Recognize the story? You should – these are the events in the Book of Esther, told from a different point of view (and careful editing of certain facts). This guy, BTW, was completely serious, and seriously believes this is how it went down.