Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Travis and Melissa, neighbors and dear friends, are plain folk, Mennonite. His mother is suffering from kidney failure. It is certain that the community can pay cash for the dialysis but the dialysis center turned her down for lack of insurance. At this point the hope is that she will make it to her daughter’s wedding.  Let us all pray. Let us all pray that the dialysis center will take her. Let us all pray that she lives to see her daughter’s wedding. Let us all pray for the Grace and Love of God to be manifest in her life and death.

Father, hear our prayer that this barbaric and inhuman situation can be changed, that she receive the treatment she deserves as a human being, and that she live to see her grandchildren.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for her, her caregivers and all who love her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Martha O’Keeffe

    Mark, stories like this are what make us Europeans think your health care system is broken. My late father suffered from kidney failure, he did not have private health insurance, and there was no chance of the hospital turning him away and refusing him treatment (because he had a medical card and was entitled to public healthcare under our system).

    I haven’t bought into the interpretation I see going about that the mean, horrible, wicked Republicans have shut down the government in order to make poor women and babies starve to death, and the Obamacare model suffers from drastic bloat, but for the love and honour of God, it should not be in this day and age, in the Western superpower, that a person is condemned to a death sentence* for lack of an insurance policy (particularly when payment is guaranteed by their community).

    May the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel, Ss. Cosmas and Damian, and St. Luke, with the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, help this woman and her family, through the grace and mercy of God!

    *That’s what a refusal of dialysis with kidney failure boils down to; I saw the effect on my father of sudden, drastic kidney failure and the long period of recovery he needed afterwards.

    • S. Murphy

      It’s not a system, it’s a set of Rube Goldberg-type workarounds, sometimes for things that didn’t need to be worked around, sometimes for things that did. Making everybody buy insurance guarantees that the insurance companies will make out, just as they do with everybody who wants to drive having to do business with them – they make back in premiums anything they ever pay out, and they pitch a fit before they do pay out; but it probably won’t turn out to be the solution for everybody else.

      If they people involved are willing, the person asking for the prayers could start a petition – they do a lot that are kind of like this – more with banks than medical centers, but similar principle.

    • chezami

      Our health care system *is* badly broken. This situation is obscene.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Every time I read such a story from our neighbour to the South, I thank God that Canadian governments, and particularly one particular Baptist Minister who turned to politics over 50 years ago (named Tommy Douglas, founder of that “ugly socialist” party called the New Democratic Party) had the foresight to implement our medical insurance system long before abortion became so common that there would be objections to a system that might have covered it. It is unfortunate that our system does cover abortions now, but there is absolutely nothing any person or group can do anything about it. And, by the way, in spite of the absence of Canadian legislation outlawing abortions, our rate of abortions is lower than in the US! That said, I still find it very disturbing that a woman such as Melissa might be left to die because of otherwise legitimate concerns about coverage. And I would add that just giving Big Insurance another captive market is definitely not the answer. Our system is certainly not perfect, but nothing will ever be… But most people, such as myself, do not have to look into the face of bankruptcy every time a serious illness raises its ugly head. Maybe US legislators could look up our system instead of bringing up the ghost of “socialism” every time a central payment system controlled by the government for medical care gets any mention…

  • anomynous

    Wrong Relationship -My heavenly father I pray that the relationship between my daughter and Miguel be broken immediately before it is too late in the name of Jesus. Father please remove the glare in her eyes to see his faults in the name of Jesus. And make him expose all his faults for her to see the truth in the name of Jesus. I pray that she return to her family again and respects her mother in the name of Jesus…… amen