Billy Graham’s Grandson Says Evangelical Abuse Problem Worse Than Catholic’s

He may be right, but I wouldn’t know that.  And I don’t much care if he is (except insofar as Evangelical children at risk matter as much as Catholic ones or public school ones).  The basic principle at work here is “Worry about your own sins”.  It matters that any child is at risk and so Catholics have a duty to concern themselves with abuse in other sectors outside their own communion for their sake.  But Catholics should not, for one second, think “See!  Those guys are worse so we’re not so bad and everybody picks on us!”  The moment such evils beyond our communion become and excuse for rationalizing our own sins and failures is the moment we need to repent and get back to the long work of addressing, not only the crime of sex abuse itself, but the incredible clericalism, corruption and folly that ever led to a single bishop, must less a legion of them all over the world, allowing this filth to go on for so long.  May God bless those Evangelicals who are trying to clean up their house.  One blessing that might come from this horrific tragedy is a renewed sense among all Christians that we have no right to boast before God.

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  • Steve

    If the press gave equal time to the dirty laundry of other places, they’d be very motivated to clean house. Then future abuses could be prevented with greater urgency.

    A part of me also says, “And then maybe people wouldn’t see celibacy as the root cause of the problem.” But perhaps that’s too optimistic.

  • catholicchristian

    The only thing that concerns me about it (besides the welfare of the children) is that these Evangelical pastors are, in their own way, working to bring people to Christ, and their failures in this area will hinder the building of God’s Kingdom on earth just as did the priests in the same situation. These pastors, and their victims, need our prayers even more than usual.

  • Kamilla Ludwig

    He can’t possibly know that. So, if he’s claiming to know that, isn’t he lying?

    He also believes children don’t lie about sexual abuse.

    So I take just about anything Boz T said with a large grain of salt.