Prayer Request

A reader writes:

The man in this story belonged to a group of which I am a member (the group–ostensibly for LARP/general geekery–has unfortunately taken a turn towards gender and sexual orientation issues since I first joined). While I don’t agree with his gender/political statements, it sickens me that anyone would think it’s okay to set another human being on fire. Please pray for this young man, his family, and the high school student that did this.

Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing in body, soul, and spirit, for his caregivers that they could help him well in the healing process, for all who love him, and for the kid who did this that his sins will be forgiven. Mother Mary, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Maria Rose

    Will pray, how awful.

  • Raymond

    So you are praying that his sins will be forgiven, but not that he repents? I dont understand.

    • chezami

      That’s correct. You don’t understand. Lemme ask you: When Stephen prayed that God not hold against them the sins of the people who were stoning him to death, or Jesus prayed forgiveness for the people who crucified him, do you for one second believe that they were advocating forgiveness without repentance? Then why assume it here? Sheesh.

  • Raymond

    I think I do understand. Luke 23:34. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” He asks God to forgive them, but if they don’t know what they are doing, it would be impossible for them to repent.

    • Raymond

      Sorry. I meant that to be a reply below. Sheesh.