Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I have an update, wanted to share it with you. Although it is not all great news, we are still hopeful that the doctor will monitor her. Here is the update: The high-risk doctor told her that baby’s heartbeat sounded very good, thanks be to God! Also, Krystle does NOT have a synechiae, instead they are calling it a circumvallate placenta. She will be monitored throughout the rest of her pregnancy, as this can interfere with baby’s growth, among other things. I am working to learn more about this, and will update on my blog as I have new information. We thank God, and ALL of you, for your prayers these past few weeks. Please continue to lift mother and baby up in your prayers, thanks and God bless you!! We will keep you posted as we are updated.

Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ.

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    Praying in PA with St Gianna!