Gotta love Chuck Norris

The guy more or less made a career of defending defenseless people when thugs try to beat them up and take their stuff.  So now he naturally goes to bat for the Little Sisters of the Poor as Obama tries to stick a gun in their ribs and force them to pay for abortion and contraception and similar BS “health care” (since babies are a disease in Obamaworld and Catholics are simultaneously supposed to stay out of other people’s bedrooms (happy to oblige) but are supposed to be frog-marched in there to buy somebody’s else’s condom).  Gotta love that the Obama administration has decided, in a particularly piquant demonstration of “sin makes you stupid” to choose to die on the hill of “Let’s bring the full might of the state to crush the Little Sisters of the Poor (followed, no doubt, by “Let’s drag orphans through the streets and stomp on puppies and boast ‘Puny humans!  I am invincible!!!’)”  Heckuva PR job, Obama.

Meanwhile, over at the US News and World Report offices of the Ministry of Truth, some hack writes a piece of 19th century Know Nothing propaganda whose anti-Catholic bigotry is so obvious and transparent this person should consider getting a job with the KKK’s public relations office.  Deacon Greg does the preliminary examination of the crime scene and then Lizzie Scalia does the full autopsy on USN&WR’s journalistic integrity.  It will be interesting to see how many other craven suckups and Grima Wormtongues will be able to muscle down the gag reflex and join the 15 Minute hate against–seriously–The Little Sisters of the Freaking Poor and darkly hint that Catholics like Sotomayor should not be allowed to participate in American public life like us good white folk who know how things are supposed to be done in this town.  Them pious Catholic Latino types, they’re just too *backward*.  KnowwhutI’msayin’?

Si, se puede!

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