Good Thing We Won World War II

cuz otherwise bad guys would be murdering children and not us good guys.

VA Requires a Man to Get a Vasectomy
NPR has that urban civilized vibe...
Reader John Herried writes ...
Israel is a secular western European State like any other
  • quasimodo

    your criticism is harsh because their intentions are … good?

    • Eli

      I think she was being sarcastic.

  • Sherry

    You silly Catholic armchair ink stained wretch! Don’t you know, only Nazi’s, CEO’s and Republicans can do evil. All others are in a state of impermeable grace granted by their good intentions.

  • Katie in FL

    The article says that it will only affect a small number of children and most likely in their teens. So, it’s okay then.

  • Guest

    Remember the “suicide booths” in “Futurama”? That’s suddenly not so funny anymore. So sad.

  • quasimodo

    Brave New World should be required reading because it is coming true before our eyes

  • Elmwood

    Is it any wonder that Dr. Evil was from Belgium? You would think with all the good beer they would at least choose to have a Trappist beer IV instead of a lethal injection.