Praise Report

A reader writes:

Mark, remember the guy I wrote to you about this summer who got into a biking accident and ended up with serious head trauma? Below is the result of our prayers and not to mention the hard work David has been putting in during his recovery with the support of his family and friends. To God be the glory!

A couple of weeks ago, David was released by his surgeon to go to work full-time. He has now gotten his driver’s license approved, and will be starting work at Apple in a week! Praise God!!

For those who hadn’t heard, we got to visit with David around the holidays, and his healing has been truly miraculous. David is an amazing individual, and we are so blessed by everything that has happened. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Jesus, I trust in You.

Hi, Good news. David is moving to San Jose and will begin his job on Feb. 17th. We have been really, really busy since the surgeon released him for good the end of January.

He also at that time had the last interview with the drug trial he was participating in. The drug test was closed down for future participants because it didn’t show enough “good numbers”. But Nico and I also think it may have helped David if he was in fact given the test drug. We will never know.

Everyone, including doctors, is amazed at how well he recovered. I know it was with David’s hard work and the help of everyone but also know God had a large part in his recovery. We just witnessed so many instances where only God was involved.

He had an eye appointment and is about the same and will see the doctor again the beginning of June.

He knocked at many doors trying to figure out how to get his license reinstated that was not suspended and should have been. After jumping through 4 hoops (appointments) he has a valid correct license.

He is fortunate to be renting a room from the parents of a close friend with a 3 month lease. For San Jose the rent price is good. After 3 months he can stay there or find a larger 1 bedroom apt. The place is less than a 1/2 hour walk to work. He will have his truck. He can not ride his bike (or do anything that might have a possible impact on his head) until the end of June. The skull bones take a while to heal.

So now he goes into the real world. He will need to see the eye doctor and rehab doctor quarterly until released but have their blessings. His life story could have read so differently but hopefully now he will go on to have many, many more successes.

Thanks to all of you for your kind, encouraging thoughts, advice, support and especially your prayers.

Father, thank you and praise you through your Son Jesus Christ!

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