This is a Very Hopeful Sign

I’m a big supporter of Life Matters Journal.  Their incredibly simple idea:  Be Consistent.  Hold with the whole of Catholic teaching on the dignity and sanctity of human life and stop ransacking for bits and pieces to fortify a stunted, destructive and inhuman ideology.  The existence, youth, and vitality of these guys (centered at Franciscan University in Steubenville) is a great and joyous sign of the genuinely prophetic witness of the Catholic tradition to our culture.  Love, love, love ’em!

So what to my wonder eyes should appear today but a poster advertising their upcoming conference that exactly communicate this fully Catholic attempt to *consistently* address the whole spectrum of Catholic love for the whole human person and all human persons:

(Click on the poster to find out more about the conference and Life Matters Journal).  Now what’s what I’m talking about!  These guys get it.  After thirty years of polarized tribal groups tearing the common sense of Seamless Garment thinking to tatters with their endless Culture War tribalism, some smart young Catholics are finally starting to insist on consistency.  God bless their work in the Vineyard!  I wish I could be there to see it!  If you can be there, go!  They are on the side of the angelws and deserve all the support we can give them.  Such stuff just might change history!

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