Who Could Possibly have Foreseen…

that draining the story of Noah of all its biblical content beyond “Guy Survives Big Flood” and replacing it with ecobabble would alienate people who think the biblical author told the story better?

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  • jroberts548

    That’s not really an accurate poll. None of the respondents have seen Noah, and the question coukd not have been more leading: ““As a Faith Driven Consumer, are you satisfied with a Biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?” This isn’t about trying to get Hollywood to take the bible seriously. This is about some bs advocacy group generating recognition for itself.

    Eta: it’s even worse than that. If this was just some lobbying group trying to will itself into relevance, who would care. Instead, without any specific complaints and without seeing the movie, this so-called “Faith-Based Consumers” is trying to stir up the culture war based on nakedly bad faith poll questions. My question for faith-based consumers, in all the good faith they deserve, is when did they stop beating their wives?

    • Dave G.

      As my boys said about The Hobbit, this is about making movies for a generation that thinks The Empire Strikes Back sucked, but the Phantom Menace was awesome. With the requisite PC messages of course.

      • jroberts548

        What, concretely about the advance screening you and your boys saw, makes you say that?

        • Dave G.

          That movies are dealing with that type of a general audience? Surveys and simply paying attention to what is being released. That this movie would reflec this? Noticing that it looks about like every other movie being released that reflect that tendency. That it will be full of PC sensitivites if it tries to have any message at all? Precedent.

          • jroberts548

            So you’re guessing. Instead of saying what this movie is about, since you don’t know, it would be more honest to make comments about, eg, the marketing campaign, or the trailer.

            • Dave G.

              I hoped for a private screening, but alas. But yes, I’ve seen the previews, and it has little to say other than ‘just like the last batch that was released.’ And given the recent batches, that’s enough to make an educated guess. For more, I’ll depend on eye witness accounts and DVD. Assuming the eyewitness accounts don’t warn me to avoid wasting my money.

      • Tom

        I am aware of no one in my generation who likes The Phantom Menace more than The Empire Strikes Back (I’m 19).

        • Dave G.

          I’m sure there are exceptions, but there have been plenty of movie sites that have found a preference for the more recent versions. That echoes what I hear among younger people at my workplace. Just a week ago, I heard a couple mentioning that the Hobbit Desolation was awesome, and a lot better than those earlier movies that were too close to that borig book. Agian, exceptions sure. There are some who think The Godfather is lousy, despite generally universsal praise. But the trends are there. And my boys are of your generaiton, too. And prefer to earlier ones. But admit most of their peers think otherwise.

        • Unfortunately, my seven-year-old son not only prefers Phantom to Empire, his favorite and second favorite are Attack of the Clones (was that what it was called?) and Jedi. Because he has a boy-crush on Anakin (when he’s ostensibly good; his least favorite is Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin turns evil). Clearly we have failed as parents.

          • dasrach

            To be fair, my favorite was always Jedi when I was little because my favorite thing about Star Wars was the cool aliens. The trilogy may as well have been called “Jabba’s Palace and some other stuff.”

          • S. Murphy

            At least he doesn’t ile Anakin *for* turning evil…

    • wlinden

      Yep. No leading questions there.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I had zero hope for this film since I first heard about it. I saw The Fountain, which is an interesting movie in many ways. However, the movie thinks it has a Buddhist philosophy, but Aronofsky obviously had no clue about what Buddhism really is, so he simply ripped off a lot of the symbolism and reinvented it to make it say what he thought Buddha really meant. So yeah, I had zero hope that Aronofsky would actually take the time to figure out the real meaning behind Noah and the Flood.
    Aronofsky is typical of many modern Fantasy/SF storytellers. He knows just enough about ancient traditions and beliefs to completely misunderstand them.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    By the way, if a pollster ever comes up and calls me a “Faith Driven Consumer,” I’ll be hard pressed not to his eat his liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.