Good news on one of the prayer requests

re: my friend with the heart attacks (his name is James). A mutual friend writes:

I dropped in on James this morning. Short Story: All is well.

Long Story: James is in the ICU wing, but all of his lines are discontinued and he will be moving to another room. He looks as robust as ever, and took a short walk around the halls before I left.

Sunday James was exercising and got very short of breath and felt a squeezing sensation. Rode by ambulance to the hospital but no talk of losing consciousness or anything like that. Had a few stints installed. In part we chatted about his earlier running days, and James says his great regret in life is that he never worked enough at the 400 meter race (best time 54 seconds), but was satisfied with 1500 meters which converts to a mile distance at 4:29. Ran cross country in college and did 10K races, and even did a marathon.

I suspect that before he talked to his nurse this morning (while I was there), he had a bad angle reading the monitors. I suspect that he thought the breathing rate (17) was his pulse or something. Ho, ho. His wife is a nurse and will be visiting later today. His TAs have taken over his UW classes so that is not a worry. James looked very good. Same ol’ twinkle in his eye, but a bullet dodged.

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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