Praise Report

A reader writes:

Last spring you published a prayer request for me. I was the gal who was pregnant with breast cancer. I can’t express how it felt to see total strangers commenting, and sending that post out on Twitter for others to pray over, too.

Some good news! After surgery, the tumour was fount to be only Stage 1 and the Oncologists determined that I would not need chemotherapy. Our baby was born December 19, which was over a month early. I was induced because the Obstetricians thought she was too small. Surprise! She was 5′ 11oz. She spent the Christmas holidays in the Intermediate Care Nursery due to jaundice and some breathing problems, which wasn’t easy, but thanks to all the people who had wrapped us in prayer, we made it through. She came home December 29th, and has been growing stronger ever since.

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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