What’s with the Right’s Man Crush on Putin?

A few months back, Simcha Fisher pointed out that the conservative man crush on Putin was absurd and the guy is a tyrant and a murderer.  She was shouted down in her comboxes by people who maintain he is Constantine II, Savior of the Church.  Because gays.  And something something kissing icons. Also, Masons are the true authors of the decree on religious liberty.

What is the *matter* with these people. Jon Stewart does the autopsy on this latest display of the right’s anti-charism of discernment:

Angry Christian Wants to Start Shooting His Neighbors
The Infallible Faithful Conservative Catholic Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!
The Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM] Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!
From our "Consequentialism is Great When Cops Do It" File