Dear Robespierre….

Meet the Committee for Public Safety.

The Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance continues its hunt for human sacrifices to the Purity of the Revolution and begins the process of eating its young. Aux Armes, Citoyens!

Lefties Who Bravely Face the Applause
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Had a fun time interviewing Mike Flynn
  • Dave G.

    Funny timing. Colbert had a segment with Andrew Sullivan last night mocking those who are worried about such things. Sullivan was probably able to come off as the voice of reason by actually criticizing the recent backlash over Mozilla.

  • kirthigdon

    Again the gratuitous smear of Visigoths, who are not mentioned at all in the linked article.
    Kirt Higdon

  • CJ

    Looks like his auto da fe will be sufficient to spare him further temporal punishment.

  • nyarlathotep

    what the fuck