What Easter Means to Me

is under discussion over at the Northwest Catholic magazine, where Yr Obdt. Svt. has a new column gig.

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  • Dan F.

    Nice piece Mark and to the point

  • Marthe Lépine

    Unfortunately, I was unable to read it, since I did not find any way to increase the size of the characters and I just cannot make out any word other than the title, even while wearing my glasses. Is there some technical trick I need to learn?

    • elizacoop

      My computer shows a little bar at the bottom, which allows the reader to move an arrow right or left. Right means bigger type. Then click on the paragraph you are trying to read. Works on a Mac, anyway. Best.

    • sez

      In IE 11 (Windows 8.1), the bar at the bottom only offers pagination and a “full screen” mode (which doesn’t improve the font size much). I checked all the other tools I could find, but nothing addresses the problem… except this: at the top of the page, the left-most icon will download the document as a PDF, which you should have no trouble reading and sizing. HTH

  • elleb

    I LOVED your May column!! I had to read the best parts to DH when he got home. It was most of it!