Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I’m writing to ask for prayers for two people close to me.

First, my cousin was recently diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. It hasn’t spread, and he is getting the treatment he needs, but naturally the family is worried.

Second, my girlfriend was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a painful nerve condition that causes pain and itching on one’s face. Last week she underwent a procedure to treat the nerve which is supposed to relieve the pain. Her face is now numb and she is experiencing burning pain on the left side of her face. This is not what was supposed to happen, and we are now worried that she has anesthesia dolorosa, an incurable side effect that can arise if her trigeminal nerve was damaged in the surgery. She has a follow up appointment with the doctor to find out what is going on, but she is terrified that she may have to live with this incurable, debilitating pain for the rest of her life. I am terrified that if that is the case she may fall into despair.

Neither of us really know where to turn at this point, so in addition to praying for her health, please pray that we may get some guidance from the Holy Spirit on what to do if our worst fears are confirmed.

Father, hear our prayer for complete healing in body, soul, and spirit for both of these people. Grant grace, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding, skill and the proper technology to their caregivers to assist in their complete healing. Give them and all who love them grace, peace, strength, consolation, faith, hope and love. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • orual’s kindred

    Even with the proper treatment, medical problems can still be so difficult. Prayers!

  • Rita

    Hi Mark. This very same thing happened to my sister – trigeminal neuralgia and a botched procedure led to anesthesia dolorous. Through a Google search I found research here on anesthesia dolorous that we feel was nothing short of a miracle! My sister suffered for many years with facial pain. Drugs couldn’t help and she was considering an experimental brain surgery. Then a Goggle search turned up this website on a procedure to relieve the pain associated with anesthesia dolorous based on mirror therapy for phantom pain. Mirror therapy is being used for Iraq war vets who lost limbs and feel phantom pain. We set up the mirrors and began the procedure described on that website. It worked immediately for my sister! She’s nearly pain free though her face will always be numb. It’s important to understand that trigeminal neuralgia is muscle pain and not nerve pain. With anesthesia dolorous the nerve is no longer functioning yet phantom muscle pain remains. That’s why it’s believed the reverse mirror (two mirrors set up to reverse your image) procedure works. Please let your friend know there’s hope and we pray for her immediate relief from this extreme pain.