Prayer Request

A reader writes:

This time it is for me and for my colleagues. Yesterday, without warning, we found out that our jobs will be outsourced to a company in Seattle. When you work for a non-profit like I do you don’t expect this. At least twenty people will be losing their jobs. Everyone is stunned and it is a sad and very scary situation. We had been told just recently that the budgets were stable and we were all secure so no one saw this coming. If they were Catholic our leadership would need to run to the confessional. -:)

I’m in an odd position because I work for two groups and one of them still is negotiating whether or not the work will stay here. Even if it does it will likely not be enough hours so I need another position. I’ve been here for almost 30 years.

It simply isn’t fun to be this old looking for a job so I’d appreciate your prayers. I’d been hoping that God would find a use for the gifts He has given me. Maybe now is the time. Please pray also for all those others who will be out of work.

I’ve got a few months to try to find something else so keep praying.

Father, hear our prayer that my reader be able to retain her job or find a new one with good work at a living wage. Give her grace, peace, strength, consolation, faith, hope, and love. St. Joseph and Mother Mary, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • PigSlop

    Prayers going up.

  • Victor

    Mark! We Catholics pray that God will continue to bless and help all people out of work and a special prayer for those who are about to lose their job with no good new work in sight.
    Lord Hear our Prayer

  • Coombes Larry

    Requesting assistance of St Joseph in prayer now.

  • Walker

    God damn capitalism. And yes, the charity industry qualifies. Wait. That wasn’t really a prayer, was it?