When even the NRA acknowledges the existence…

of Insane Gun Culture and begs them to dial it back and stop acting like scary weirdos, I think we can all agree that Insane Gun Culture is a problem (except of course to those deep inside the Bubble of Insane Gun Culture).

Not to worry though, under intense pressure from armed and scary weirdos, the NRA then backed down and fell back in line, issuing the following statement:

“Did we say you were scary weirdos? No, no, no! We were speaking Old Church Slavonic. “Ska ree Veer dohs” means “Not-at-all-crazy patriots” in that tongue. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Lower your weapons. And more power to you brandishing assault rifles at paint stores and Chipotles as our Founding Fathers intended! You are the picture of sanity!”

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  • Dave G.

    In our day and age, insane any culture is a problem. Sometimes I think that’s a major part of the problem. An insane gun culture? Sure, that’s not hard to believe, nor is it hard to recognize. The problem isn’t that there’s an insane gun culture, the problem is that gun owners can end up being in one of many insane cultures in our increasingly insane culture.

    • sez

      True, but surely an insane-and-armed group is a bit more of a problem than, say, an insane scrapbooking group.

      • Dave G.

        I’ve known some pretty wild scrapbook groups. 🙂

        But point taken.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        I know some who are both.

  • jroberts548

    I vaguely remember when the NRA used to stand for responsible gun ownership and promoted gun safety. I’m surprised these open carry rednecks have managed not to negligently discharge themselves to death. They’re a tinderbox, and by far the biggest threat to gun rights in America.

    • “I vaguely remember when the NRA used to stand for responsible gun ownership and promoted gun safety.”

      Yup. My father, a long-time member of the NRA, eventually gave up his membership in the 90’s because he could no longer in good conscience support them. When they (briefly) came out against these stooopid open carry stunts, I thought that maybe, finally, they were regaining their sanity. But nope.

      • ivan_the_mad

        I let mine lapse about ten years ago for the same reason.

    • Michaelus

      I remember when the NRA spent all its time encouraging marksmanship so the next generation of young men could carry out the slaughter unleashed on the Confederates with better aim.

      • jroberts548

        You must be very old.

  • Pete the Greek

    *Checks Link*

    Ah yes, Texas Open Carry, the group that just keeps on giving. From what I hear, their motto is “We don’t always screw over our fellow gun owners… Oh wait! Yes we do!”


  • Mike the Geek

    Seems like a pretty minor issue, but it would be nice to not have to always check to see that my sidearm isn’t showing, though. That said, if you’re in Texas and see an older guy with a fanny pack, it’s a safe bet it’s not his dentures. If you see a bulge in someone’s pocket, odds are it’s not because he’s happy to see you. Might as well be open carry for all the “secrecy” involved.
    Fortunately, most cops are pretty nice about it and will let you know if your gun;s exposed. he only officer that ever got upset with me was when the last time I was pulled over. He looked at me permit, asked me if I had a gun, and got mad that I didn’t. (Was in a hurry that morning, which was why I got pulled over in the first place.

  • tz1

    “Insane” is more the problem. Going off psychotropics can cause homicidal mania, but no one seems interested in placing maniacs in custodial care. In CA, the crazy stabs – with a knife – three MEN to death, and it is a woman’s issue. Back in CT, the crazy MURDERS his own mother, and grabs her gun and uses it.

    We used to have hospitals for the mentally ill. Now we have crony capitalist big pharma demanding their magic potions be used on every child instead of discipline. So we let them go, and when they have a psychotic episode and kill others and themselves, the only reform you can think of is “gun control”? If so, you are as insane – incapable of applying your intellect to reality – as the killers.

    How about instead of confining guns, we take the crazy people – who are suffering horribly – and place them in (the term has a bad rap) asylums where they won’t be able to hurt themselves or others? Or because it is easier to deal with objects rather than persons to do “something”, perhaps SWAT them http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/02/des-moine-swat-team-raids-home-over-credit-card-fraud-2890878.html – oh yes, the horrible government violence is what you allow or endorse to fix it – you leave the person in hell because it is too hard to address the person.

    • Nordog6561

      >>We used to have hospitals for the mentally ill. Now we have crony capitalist big pharma demanding their magic potions be used on every child instead of discipline.<<

      For the record, the mental institutions of the country have been predominantly emptied, not due to economics, or tax policy, or big pharm, but because of civil rights activism and subsequent judicial rulings.