Deep Thoughts from Lucy the Cuteness

“Ink is like pencil poop.” 

"God bless Raymond. Mother A would be proud...she couldn't stand libs either :)"

Fire Raymond Arroyo
"This is a good point. I think USCCB should speak out about this "trend" (its ..."

Fire Raymond Arroyo
"A thing that haunts me from the EWTN torture controversy in the Bush years was ..."

Fire Raymond Arroyo
"The U.S. is deliberately closing ports of entry."

Lying Mob Boss pauses to change ..."

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  • p peter

    Her precocious subtlety in the matter of analogical thinking may well presage her future as the next Aristotle or Aquinas!

    • Or Chaucer, or Shakespeare. She certainly has a flair for wordplay and poetry!

  • Well that made me literally LOL.

  • Joe

    She’s already surpassed you in deep thinking! 🙂