Deep Thoughts from Lucy the Cuteness

“Ink is like pencil poop.” 

"Tom hasn't accused me of being a Nazi, wanting to bathe in the blood of ..."

A Christian approach to Gun Rights ..."
""The gun posts here are still fun, especially when debating with rational, honest people, like ..."

A Christian approach to Gun Rights ..."
"Why changed? 1. AR-15s and glocks. Not that a mass shooting would be impossible with ..."

Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention

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  • p peter

    Her precocious subtlety in the matter of analogical thinking may well presage her future as the next Aristotle or Aquinas!

    • Or Chaucer, or Shakespeare. She certainly has a flair for wordplay and poetry!

  • Well that made me literally LOL.

  • Joe

    She’s already surpassed you in deep thinking! 🙂