Dear “Prolife” Trump Supporter

For the love of God wake up:

Donald Trump Defends Planned Parenthood, Calls Abortions ‘Small Part of What They Do’

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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!

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  • “Businessman Donald Trump said while he does not support Planned Parenthood’s abortion services, the organization has “good aspects” that help women. Donald Trump suggested he would not support ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services in two interviews Tuesday.”

    He may be wrong about the proportion of planned parenthood’s business that is directed at abortions (perhaps Abby Johnson could enlighten him about this), but he explicitly says he does not support their abortion services. So there is at least something positive to work with here. I’m seeing Catholics jumping on the Bernie Sanders train when he outright supports abortion at all cost. Just look at Sanders’ recent tweets about abortion.

    • Jon Fermin

      Just because one is against Donald Trump does not mean they are for Bernie Sanders, Or Hillary for that matter. I find all of them morally repulsive.