New CIA documents reveal fresh horrors from the Bush/Cheney Torture Regime

Read the disgusting filth here.

What “prolife” conservative Catholics and Evangelicals battled for years to defend and what they *still* love and long to return to. Pledges to torture were applause lines in the GOP debates and condemnations of torture receive boos and hisses. And “faithful conservative Catholics” and Evangelicals support this filth in bigger percentages than the American population. Wanna know why the “prolife” movement’s credibility is in tatters? Look no further. God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of this.

The infallible result of “Five Non-Negotiables” thinking is not that you get a candidate who is prolife. It’s that you get a “prolife” movement willing to do battle with the Church on every single Culture of Death priority the GOP loves. All the energy and time you thought you would spend defending the unborn goes instead to defending filth like this. And when you are done, people who would have listened to the Church’s consistent whole life ethic walk away in disgust, convinced that the unborn are simply human shields cynically deployed in order to defend GOP culture of death priorities.

Solution: be more prolife, not less. Embrace the whole of the Church’s teaching and not just the bits the GOP dangles in front of your nose to get you to fight the Church for them. Once you stop wasting all your time and energy defending this filth, or Donald Trump’s repulsive outrages, you suddenly find you have lots of time and energy for fighting abortion again–and for defending all human life from conception to natural death like you set out to do.

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