Trump backs down on wall, funds Planned Parenthood

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And here’s the Planned Parenthood part of the deal.  Another huge win for the Prolife Trump Defender!

What will be fascinating to watch is the bulk of his party outraged because he’s not building the wall or heaping cruelty on Dreamers and the small, perpetually used and discard prolife group astonished that Lucy has, yet again, pulled away the Planned Parenthood football.

Me: I’m happy the dumb wall is off the table and innocent will hopefully not be deported.  I’m utterly unsurprised about PP.  He told us in March 2016 what he really thought about PP–that they do fantastic work–and then started lying to his base when they demanded he lie to them.  That they were suckers enough to believe it is, well, the story of the prolife Trump base.

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to endure the firestorm of hatred he is now getting from his base for not being sufficiently cruel to the brown folks.  He’s not what you call a pillar of moral courage.  But his vindictiveness to enemies (in this case, McConnell and Ryan and, increasingly, Ann Coulter) may sustain him and he may wind up doing right things for wrong reasons.  Hard to say.  His greatest talent is for creating chaos, so I won’t bet the farm on anything.  but since it was a given that PP would be funded as it is always funded by the GOP and I never had any hope of anything else, I’ll take the wall and Dreamer stuff as a tentative win for common sense.  Good job, Mr. Trump!

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