That thing of when the Christian adulterous creeper

passionately decides to back the Christian pedo creeper when he finds out he’s a pedo creeper–just out of spite:

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Conservative Christian Trump and Moore supporters: The world does not reject you because you are like Jesus.  It rejects you because you are like Judas.

“God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” – Romans 2:24

By the way, it doesn’t *have* to be this way.  There are Christian conservatives with real integrity, such as Russell Moore:

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But the bulk of Christian conservative have made clear that guys like Moore are persona non grata while shouting “Give us Barabbas D’Souza!” and whoring after sex predators who promise them earthly power.

In the end, all such will be brought to shame and the choice of either repentance or ruin.

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