Rebecca Hamilton is Back!

Rebecca Hamilton is Back! November 15, 2017

And in fighting trim, telling us very truly that “Judge Roy Moore’s Religious Apologists Do Not Speak for God“:

What does a child — or an adult, for that matter — who has had their humanity ground into the dirt by the callous cruelty of another person who was more powerful than them keep their faith when their faith leaders abandon and even turn on them to support their attacker?

The simplest and easiest connection for them to make is to blame Jesus. If His preachers and priests, people who claim without dissembling that they speak directly and perfectly for God Himself, support the attacker in his (or her) soul-destroying perversions, then surely God is also on the side of the rapist, and if God favors rape, then God Himself is the same as the devil.

What, then, is the point in following such a monstrous being as this god who loves rape and sexual destruction of the weak at the hands of those who wield power? If God Himself is monstrous and cruel, then what is the point of following Him? It would be best to get as far away from such a God as is possible, to run run run in the opposite direction from Him.

As for His preachers and priests, the obvious conclusion for such an abandoned child would be that they have nothing to say to you if you have suffered sexual assault. They have shown by their every action that what happened to you is not just a nothing to be disregarded, but that it is also ok, alright, and totally unimportant when balanced against the truly important considerations that they place ahead of it in their reckoning.

That is the plight of the rape victim who is betrayed and abandoned by faith leaders, which is to say that it is the plight of every victim of sexual assault in America today.

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You keep thinking that the Post-Christian Christianist Party of Nihilist Misogynous White Spite cannot sink any lower and then, sure enough, it does.  Yesterday, Moore’s troops were robocalling with definitely not anti-semitic garbage about fake “Bernie Bernstein” (supposedly of the Washington Post) and his alleged hunt for dirt on Moore while Moore’s wife was issuing a doctored letter from 50 some pastors written before the scandal broke, endorsing Moore.  To their credit four pastors demanded their names be removed.  To their shame, the rest did not.

At this point, virtually everybody except the reliably dishonest and immoral “prolife” Christian Right has abandoned Moore.  The RNC wants this albatross to go away.  Even the utterly dishonest and disgusting Sean Hannity has bowed to pressure from Mammon and not conscience and demanded Moore go.

Only organizations like Operation Rescue and Liesite News and figures like Austin Ruse of C-FAM and Deacon Keith Fournier and Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. still stand by the obvious creep and child molester with the mountain of evidence against him.  Because supporting a child molester is definitely way ahead fighting abortion in the list of priorities for the people who constantly insist that abortion is our core non-negotiable and we must not be distracted by peripheral issues.

Post-Christian Christianism has done such colossal damage to the witness of the Church.  God cleanse the Church of this stain swiftly and give to us saints who will no longer tolerate this filth but bear witness to the whole gospel, especially that part which says “You shall not do evil that good may come of it.”

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