The Atlantic has a piece calling for Chesterton’s canonization

Anything that starts this way: If the Catholic Church makes G. K. Chesterton a saint—as an influential group of Catholics is proposing it should—the story of his enormous coffin may become rather significant. Symbolic, even parabolic. Chesterton’s coffin was too huge, you see, to be carried down the stairs of his house in Beaconsfield, its occupant [Read More...]

Quotes that seldom appear in those “Golden Treasures of Spiritual Wisdom” books

“Some have such command of their bowels, that they can break wind continuously at pleasure, so as to produce the effect of singing.” –St. Augustine [Read more...]

Christopher Tollefson argues that the death penalty is indefensible

…and indeed intrinsically wrong. Before jerking the knee, hear him out. [Read more...]

CNN Completely Loses Its Mind

If anybody can explain how this crazy amalgam of 80s sitcom intro and cheesy action movie trailer wound up on the CNN site, perhaps the ghost of Edward R. Murrow will sleep more peacefully tonight. Seriously, this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen a news network do: And is it just me, or [Read More...]


If hypocrisy is being worse than our best words, eupocrisy is being better than our worst words, and Jesus praises eupocrites. So should we. [Read more...]

Humanum Video Series on Marriage and Family

A reader writes: I thought you might find this useful and interesting. The three-day Vatican-sponsored international, interfaith colloquium titled “The Complementarity of Man and Woman” drew together 14 different religious traditions from 23 countries from Nov. 17 to 19 in 2014. They’ve done an excellent job sharing much of the collequium online. A really beautiful [Read More...]

An Editorial at the NY Times Asserts our Children Don’t Believe in Moral Facts

You can read it here. I’m skeptical. While it’s true our children are coming to believe that a very different set of things are patient of ambiguity than we are, I don’t see much in the way of disbelief in moral facts when it comes to things they see as right and wrong. My kids [Read More...]

Good on San Francisco

They apologized for the sprinklers. Well done! By the way, as has been noted: yes, it’s true that the SF press is deeply hostile to the Church and is in the middle of a campaign to make them look bad and, yes, the Church is the oldest and largest provider of works of mercy in [Read More...]

Honest Independence Day Trailer

How have I missed these things? What the heck, here the Honest World War Z trailer too: “Obligatory. Inception. BWAAS” completely undid me. [Read more...]

Daniel McCarthy and Ralph Nader Talk…

…about how left and right can end corporate rule together. It’s a hopeful thing to see this kind of conversation start to happen. [Read more...]