The Intelligence Community is Withholding Information from Trump

Today’s crazy scary thing from the unspooling catastrophe of the Trump Administration.  A reader writes: From the Observer, which ironically is owned by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. The author, who has significant background, but apparently was let go by the National War College because of a sexual scandal, was taken very seriously during the campaign [Read More…]

Donaeld the Unready is on the air!

Nerdalicious tweeting from a medievalist. [Read more…]

The 50 Craziest Things Trump has Done

I’m posting this on Friday, so I assume by Monday, there will be more to add to the list. Here’s the deal: the trap the prolife Christian Trump supporter walked into on November 8 was the lie “He’s the lesser evil and we will hold his feet to the fire once he wins.” Here is [Read More…]

On Friday, Deacon Steven Greydanus and I discussed…

ecclesial nomenclature, Lego Batman, Firefly, and all manner of arcana: [Read more…]

Francis, Bannon, and the Neopelagian Crisis

Bannon is a seducer of the faithful. I’m glad Ethika Politika gets it. [Read more…]

A Charming Account of the Dominicans…

…and the Women’s March.  Them Dominicans know how to turn everything into a chance to evangelize. [Read more…]

Secret Service add Emotional Protection division…

…to safeguard Trump’s psyche. [Read more…]

A truly great man!

Meet a foster father who only takes in terminally ill children. [Read more…]

A reader writes a thoughtful letter of complaint

  I have enjoyed how you have exposed the different hypocrisy’s and inconstancies in the varies positions of the right. Thank you. But I have to be honest  recently it has become so condescending that its hard to listen to. I’m sorry my tone is offputting.  Flippancy is an ancient habit with me when I [Read More…]

Bannon is the single most dangerous and toxic Catholic

…in American public life. He has figured out that prolife conservative Catholics are now radically immunocompromised to the rise of the ethnonationalist blood and soil fertility cult swill he advocates and is doing his best to foment schism against Peter. Just the other day, Thomas Williams, ex-Legionary and lying baby daddy who works for Breitbart [Read More…]