Fr. Robert Barron on Why it Matters Who Jesus Is

He is, as ever, very good. I’ve always thought C.S. Lewis summary is clear.  If Jesus is God, then the gospel is of infinite importance.  If he’s not, then the gospel is of no importance.  The core of the gospel is and always has been “God became man, suffered, died, was buried, and rose again [Read More…]

P.J. O’Rourke has been the funniest conservative for years

And now he is the funniest conservative enemy of Trump. [Read more…]

Hey Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking at St. Monica’s on Mercer Island tonight at 7:00 PM.  We’ll be talking about the Real Presence in the Eucharist and the biblical evidence for it.  See you there! [Read more…]

Richard Spencer, who was, never let it be forgotten…

…put on the map by the combined efforts of Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos and their struggle to mainstream the Nazis of the Alt Right, holds forth on the “dysgenic” nature of the prolife movement and denies that lebensunwertes leben with the wrong color skin have a right to life: “[The pro-life movement] is directly [Read More…]

Prolifers, Charlie Brown, and the Football

He also said, “”Once a case is settled, that adds to the determinacy of the law. What was once a hotly contested issue is no longer a hotly contested issue. We move forward.” The eternal gullibility of the prolife conservative Christian Trump supporter is breathtaking.  For *this* they have prostituted themselves to defend every lie [Read More…]

Blind Spots

Had a conversation with an angry Fundamentalist atheist the other day. He was a former Fundy who went to Liberty College and made the sensible choice to reject the ugly god of Fundamentalism–a god I don’t believe in either. Unfortunately, he then did what many ex-Fundamentalists do and rejected the real God as well. But [Read More…]

Who is the thief?

Gregory the Great tells us what’s wrong with Libertarianism: “Vainly, then, do those suppose themselves innocent, who claim to their own private use the common gift of God; those who, in not imparting what they have received, walk in the midst of the slaughter of their neighbours; since they almost daily slay so many persons [Read More…]

Yesterday, Sherry Antonetti and I talked about…

the Sunday Mass readings and the Samaritan Woman at the Well: [Read more…]

Papal academies: Biggest threat to planet is greed…

…not population growth. What’s curious is that it used to be conservative prolife people who banged away at that point. But as racists like Trump, Bannon, and Steve King have taken over, that narrative is falling to pieces. We used to hear about demographic winter and how we US Christians needed to have more kids [Read More…]

Brandon Vogt’s Claritas U is on the air–and on my show today!

I’m gonna have him on Connecting the Dots today with Michael Lichens at 5 PM Eastern. Here is a video series he did to introduce Claritas U: [Read more…]