If Eisenhower Had Given the Gettysburg Address

The older I get, the more respect I have for Eisenhower, and the more complete alien he looks to bizarre thing that conservatism has become.  Can you imagine the shrieking hysterics of the Drown the Government in the Bathtub types if Obama were to propose the construction of the Interstate system Eisenhower created?  I recently [Read More...]

Cardinal George has some questions for Pope Francis

Very reasonable ones, it seems to me, and I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that conversation. One reader informs me that I divide the whole discussion of this papacy into Francis-hating Reactionaries vs. All is Well. Nope. There are perfectly legitimate things to wonder about with this pope as with any [Read More...]

The Imaginative Conservative Takes Another Look at “Signs”

…as the deeply Christian film it obviously is. I argued much the same when the film first came out here and here. I was, alas, wrong about his promise as a filmmaker (a generation still weeps at The Happening and The Last Airbender and Lady in the Water), but I still like Signs. [Read more...]

The McMass Project

Somebody thinks it would be a great idea to build McDonalds in Churches. No. I am not making that up: I’m sure they mean well and are sincere in their desire to help the Church so the Lord accepts their love for him as he accepts any other offering we make to the best of [Read More...]

The Roots of Catholicism: Pagan or Jewish

Yr. Obdt. Svt. looks at the common notion that Christianity is just warmed-over paganism. [Read more...]

Anomalous Events that Shake Skepticism

God is incorrigibly personal and does stuff like this. [Read more...]

Question About Baruch

A reader writes: A Protestant coworker is asking me questions about the seven “extra” books in the Catholic Bible. He recently asked me why in the book of Baruch it says that the Babylonian captivity would last seven generations when in Jeremiah it says it would last 70 years. I could not find an answer [Read More...]

Hops for Algernon

Beer appears to make young mice smarter, but there’s a catch. [Read more...]

Christopher Walken Reads Where the Wild Things Are

Because your life is not strange enough: [Read more...]

Reader for a Fellow Reader Help Appreciated

A reader writes: I am composing a list of trivia questions to use for a “game night” theme for our middle school youth group tomorrow. There are a million questions to ask, of course, but as I consider the contestants, I would love to “skew” the game so that it is thought-provoking rather than trying [Read More...]