Chesterton would have loved “Snow White”…

…sez Steve Greydanus.  I suspect he’s right.  Chesterton had an immense capacity for enjoying pretty much everything. Chesterton was a great defender of popular and even “vulgar” culture — the very change leveled by Lewis and Tolkien against Snow White. Take the following utterly typically Chestertonian sentiment, from All Things Considered: I believe firmly in [Read More…]

Two of the Most Important Children of the 20th Century…

…were Charles De Gaulle’s Anne and Rosemary Kennedy. De Gaulle’s tenderness toward his girl is one of the great public witnesses to the dignity of mentally disabled people. In contrast, the tragedy of Rosemary’s lobotomy and the shame and neglect to which she was subjected contributed (eventually) to Eunice Kennedy Shriver founding the Special Olympics [Read More…]

The Real Eugenicists

Last week’s Panic du Jour was about Bill Nye’s stupid commentary on “extra children”. Don’t get me wrong, Nye’s comments were stupid and his attempt to “just ask questions” was a transparent move to move such talk within the “universe of discourse” for Thoughtful People. So there was much dudgeon about it in prolife, conservative [Read More…]

Stephen Hawking, Puritan

As a prophet, Hawking is a good physicist. The idea that we should leave earth to fix things is a deeply Protestant and Puritan impulse that has roots going all the way back to Abraham and even Noah. The idea is this: The Righteous must “come out from them and be separate. Touch no unclean [Read More…]

A reader remarks on a story

…about a Christian abortionist: Consistent with pro-abort rhetoric, he isn’t going to argue the science, because he knows it points to the truth. What I take away from this article isn’t the obvious misunderstanding of the 10 Commandments (abortion does not equal murder, and it doesn’t say thou shalt not commit abortion, therefore its OK). [Read More…]

A curious new form of corporate espionage dawned last month

…as Burger King tricksied its way into Google devices. I’m sure we’ll see all sorts of clever uses of Alexa too. [Read more…]

Linguistic Humor

Language buffs have fun with this. [Read more…]

May the Fourth Be With You

Tokyo jeweler offers gold Darth Vader mask for $1.4-million — The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) May 1, 2017 [Read more…]

The Prowde Spirit…

cannot endure to be mock’d. A woman is actually being prosecuted for laughing at Jeff Sessions. [Read more…]

Pelosi talks sense to the DNC

Says prolife Dems should not be forced to tow the party line on abortion.  I never thought I’d see the day I agreed with Pelosi on anything regarding abortion.  But she’s right here.  This dumb pogrom against prolife Dems is the most foolish thing the DNC could do. [Read more…]