Filmmaker Kirk Gillon needs our help

Kirk is a friend of mine.  He’s doing a documentary on the homeless and on the barbarity of the laws that are popping up forbidding people from helping to feed them.  He writes: I am asking for your support for my Indiegogo campaign, I have HOURS left to raise funds to continue filming. 90 year [Read More...]

Everybody Knows about the Pilot ISIS burned to death

God rest his soul. Nobody knows about the 13 year old boy Obama burned to death. That would be the Obama who was worried about Americans getting on their high horses. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Some of you may recall that I asked for prayers for our RCIA team leader. Unfortunately, she has lost her battle with cancer and passed away this Wednesday. Please pray for the repose of her soul. Despite the obvious tragedy, there is a certain Providential fittingness that she passed on the feast [Read More...]

Why Catholics Don’t Know What They are Talking About

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

Tales of Burke/Bergoglio Schism are Greatly Exaggerated

So the big news last week was the ecstasy in Reactionary circles about Cdl. Burke “resisting” Francis. Reactionaries have been shouting “Let’s you and him fight” at Burke for ages and organs of reliably unreliable propaganda like Roarhate Daily and Lifesite have been in there doing their best to stir the pot against the pope. [Read More...]

Hey Ames, Iowa!

I’m headed your way Monday evening, Feb 16!  I will be speaking at St. Cecilia parish on “Living Lent in the Fast Lane”.  Hope to see you there! [Read more...]

Christian Heroism

A reader writes: Christian Missionaries in Iraq now risking their lives to save Muslim children. We know them personally. These are Christians acting in the name of Christ.They are risking their lives for the Gospel in Iraq for our Muslim brothers and sisters. NO GREATER LOVE …  “Why would Christians help Muslims?”, some poor soul [Read More...]

Prayer requests and works of mercy

Please help this family if you can. Their newborn has a hole in his heart and they need money to cover airfare for commutes between El Paso and Houston. Please pray for them too. Also, a reader writes: My friend/co-worker and his wife are in their early 30s; she (Emma) has not been feeling well [Read More...]

Woman Who Believes Church Has No Respect for Women…

…Can’t Wait to See Fifty Shades of Grey. Garrison Keillor once remarked that Puritans came to the New World seeking the freedom to be harsher with themselves than English law allowed. The apostate Puritans of today continue that noble tradition by seeking the liberty from Catholic oppression and bourgeois tradition in order to be brutal [Read More...]

People who live in glass houses…

…shouldn’t throw drones, Mr. President. Finally, the *real* argument against Obama’s prayer breakfast remarks! What wearies me about the Right Wing Noise Machine is that the constant Boy Who Cries Wolf hysteria it gins up about stupid stuff (“Secret Muslim Obama compares Catholic Church to ISIS!!!!” “The Crusades were glorious and morally spotless exercises of [Read More...]