Avik Roy is Right

…and is articulating a basic gospel principle in this very heartening and encouraging article: To save your life, you must lose it. So heartening to see somebody on the Right speaking the truth. A prayer to accompany this article: Have mercy on me, O God, according to your merciful love; according to your abundant mercy [Read More…]

Regina Doman and I had a good time yakking…

…about what we’ll be talking about at the 36th Annual Chesterton Conference on Connecting the Dots.  You can listen here. And don’t forget to sign up for the Conference.  It’s in Colorado Springs July 27-29! [Read more…]

Please help the family of Anthony Gallegos…

recover from the impact of his tragic suicide.  His mother, Letitia Adams, writes: On March 8th, 2017, Anthony Gallegos lost his fight with anxiety and depression. He committed suicide in our garage. His step father is the one who found him and cut him down, his youngest brother was the one who called 911, his [Read More…]

I like watching the ripples go out

Sherry calls to Sherry in the roar of many waters. Specifically, Sherry Weddell calls to Sherry Antonetti, who respond to her meditations on the New Evangelization with a fine piece of her own [Read more…]

The First Time I Realized I Was Black

I never had a moment I realized I was white for the simple reason that it was never a liability to be so. That people still have to put up with this crap is a sin. PS. A memorial to Emmett Till, a 14 year old kid who was savagely murdered for being black in [Read More…]

Vox Does Its Patriotic Duty

The decline of American democracy won't be some big event — you won't notice it's happening until it's too late: pic.twitter.com/ARRIjM46Vj — Carlos Maza (@gaywonk) June 22, 2017 [Read more…]


What we truly need in this moment of history are men who, through an illuminated living faith, make God credible in this world. The negative witness of Christians who speak of God and live against Him, has obscured the image of God and opened the door to incredulity. We need men who keep their eyes [Read More…]

Bravo also to Graham and Collins

…which brings the total of GOP leadership to three people with the stones to speak out. Three.  Meanwhile, the vile oaf has an approval rating in the upper 80s and low 90s with his base of Good White Christians. And conservative Christians wonder why the Church is bleeding Millennials, whinge about “persecution” while ignoring the [Read More…]

Ben Sasse is practically the only member of the Party of Trump I respect

This is in response to Biff Tannen’s latest outburst of misogyny to please the brutish mouthbreathers in his base. Mika Brzezinski’s response was pretty funny: Bravo to Senator Sasse for being the extremely rare Republican to actually condemn this stuff without reflexively shouting “They do it too!” No.  They do not do it too.  Nobody [Read More…]

My Friend Bill Dodds is giving books away!

The man cracks me up.  He writes: [Insert cordial greeting here] [Insert mindless chatter here] I’d appreciate it if you could plug the facts that my books are free through Friday. Your people can find links here: http://www.billdodds.com/book_stuff.html And they can go here for my first book (written and illustrated); I peaked early. http://www.billdodds.com./The_Christmas_Ball.pdf [Insert [Read More…]