God Bless our Vets!

This fat, dumb, and happy civilian appreciates you. [Read more...]

Theologika Digest…

…is on the air! [Read more...]

Libertarianism is not Compatible with the Catholic Faith

Here’s a nice piece explaining why. Libertarianism’s highest good is the personal autonomy of the atomized individual. The highest good of the Faith is union with God the Blessed Trinity in love and love of one’s neighbor as oneself. In Libertarianism as it is lived out on the ground, one can season one’s worship of [Read More...]

Brandon Vogt Interviews Dr. Helen Alvare

About the upcoming Humanum conference. [Read more...]

The world needs more tap-dancing priests

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Intellectual Fisticuffs

Some thoughts on the apologetics subculture over at the Register. [Read more...]

Ran a brief note last week on contradictory atheist rhetorical strategies

Since then, atheists have shown up in droves to help fill the comboxes up with over 300 comments, making super clear that they are so *over* Him. Now they stay up till all hours watching the Oxygen Network and eating huge bowls of ice cream, not thinking about Him. Stay strong, bros! The thread has [Read More...]

Semi-Annual Tin Cup Rattle, Day 7

I am back to work today cranking out more stuff and trying to meet the bills. I’ve got several pieces to write and still have the books (mine and ghostly) hanging over my head. So I will be busy and scarce. Please, if you can help us out during this very dry time the whole fambly [Read More...]

New album!

The New Camaldoli Hermitage, a community of Roman Catholic monks in Big Sur, CA officially released their new album, O DAY OF RESURRECTION, (today) Nov. 4 from Jade Music via Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), the specialty arm of Warner Music Group. Read today’s press release here. [Read more...]

The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is remarkably clueless

Here’s the form letter you get from Mayor Jack Seiler, Man of the People, when you write protest the arrest of Arnold Abbott, WWII vet and feeder of the homeless (with commentary from Yr. Obdt. Svt.): Thanks for your input and for caring.  I truly appreciate the concern and respectful approach. The problem with form letters [Read More...]