An invitation to all my non-Catholic friends and readers

If you are not doing anything April 13-15, may I suggest you treat yourself to a cross-cultural experience by finding a Catholic parish near you and joining us for highest and holiest three days in our calendar. Start with Holy Thursday and the great liturgy commemorating the Last Supper. Then come (work permitting) to as [Read More…]

The last part of my series…

…on the duties of a Christian citizen at Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

On Friday, Doug O’Brien and I talked about…

…what infallibility does and does not mean: [Read more…]

In which Kevin O’Brien lives in the Two Americas…

…and reveals that he is bi. Cultural, that is. [Read more…]

The Americans with Disabilities Act is under assault in Congress

If you are pro-life, please pay attention. A disabled friend from my parish writes: Hey Mark! Would you mind posting about a petition to help protect the Americans with Disabilities Act from a legislative attack. I am told that one of the legislative advocates at the National Disability Rights Network will be printing out an [Read More…]

Everybody Knows Slavery is Evil

Hershey, Mars, Nestle, and Cadbury exploit child slavery in the chocolate trade. Child.  Slavery. I will make every effort to avoid buying their bloody products.  I hope you do too. The issue of American use of slaves abroad is still largely under the radar.  The sex slave trade is booming in Asia, but that only [Read More…]

A common lying meme

Here is how this lie works. The people on the right have no control over the salary of the guy on the left. None. The man’s employer controls that. Likewise, the employer of the people on the right controls their salaries too. If they do not have a living wage, the obvious thing to do [Read More…]

The Greatness and Goodness of President Donald J. Trump

I had an epiphany today and want to share it with the world.  Donald Trump is, very simply, the finest President this country has ever had. He could have just stayed in New York making money, but instead this selfless man gave all that up to serve his country.  And how have I thanked him? [Read More…]

On the Air with Doug O’Brien at 5 PM Eastern

…on Connecting the Dots.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4! [Read more…]

Yesterday, Deacon Steve Greydanus and I discussed…

the Mike Pence “rule” against dining alone with the opposite sex when they are no your wife. Also, we did another fun segment of “Very Short Sequels.” You can view Steve’s recent and older short sequels on Twitter @veryshortsequel. And Steve’s 13 year old offered a compelling new title for our show: “Two Dorks Laughing [Read More…]