Tales of the Unexplained

These things happen: She had no pulse for 45 minutes. And she survived. Her doctor calls it ‘a miracle’. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes, for his own inscrutable reasons, God does such things. As with every case where somebody is chosen for grace, they are chosen for the sake of [Read More...]

How “Global” Media Works

12 dead in Paris: Mass hysteria about the Existential Islamic Threat. Thousands dead in Nigeria from Boko Haram: Crickets Fewer people than you can count on one hand die from Ebola in the US: Unhinged hysteria (until Election Day) 8289 people dead so far in Africa: Crickets Hysteria tends to directly corellate to the availability [Read More...]

You cannot cure a diseased spirituality with another diseased spirituality

You can only cure it with a healthy spirituality. Jesus is healthy spirituality. Both radical Islam and radical God-hating secularism are diseased spiritualities. They represent a chemically pure and primal form of schism and heresy in the Christian tradition, since both ultimately trace their roots back to that. Whereas the Christian tradition unites two commandments that [Read More...]

There are two sorts of people I want to hear from…

…when it comes to climate change and the Church’s take on it. One is Catholics who actually know the Church’s teaching.  I pretty much assume the pope has that base covered, so I’m waiting to hear from him and whatever he winds up saying. The other is actual, like, real people who actually know, like [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader from Spokane writes: Please consider asking your minions to storm Heaven to help prevent Planned Parenthood the Spokane City Council from enacting an ordinance that could severely hobble our pro-life efforts (and likely land some of us in jail): http://www.inlander.com/Bloglander/archives/2015/01/09/another-feisty-spokane-city-council-meeting-expected The council will be voting during their legislative meeting, which starts tomorrow (Monday, [Read More...]

The Discovery of the Trinity…

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

More Wearying Attempts to Avoid the Bleeding Obvious

A reader writes: I’ve enjoyed your talks and essays from time to time, but I think your reaction to this whole torture debate has been bizarrely self-righteous and extreme.  I believe the last essay I saw meditated on all the wicked “conservatives” who are going to Hell for supporting “torture” and so on and so [Read More...]

Corkscrew and the Art of Sloth

His Abysmal Undersecretary is holding forth over at the Register. [Read more...]

Did a fun interview with Steven Greydanus yesterday

on Connecting the Dots (archives don’t exist yet, but will soon). In the course of it, Steve told me about this cool interview he did with David Oyelowo, the star of “Selma”, a film Steve praises to the heavens. So I’m gonna go see it. [Read more...]

John Farrell and I Chat about the Battle of Five Armies

Shea and Farrell on Battle of the Five Armies from Farrellmedia on Vimeo. Man, do I take *forever* to compose and articulate a thought. But John is great! [Read more...]