7 Lies to Confront Before Entering a Relationship

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  • Judgeforyourself37

    I agree with much of what the author wrote. However, ponder upon this, Roman Catholics and Right Wing, Evangelical Protestants have something in common. These religions make us feel guilty and unworthy from the time were born, especially once we went to school or Sunday School or CDC classes. We are told “we are born in sin.” We are told we need “redemption from sin,” even as small children who do not know what is meant by “born in sin,” or “need to be redeemed.”
    Is it any wonder why we tell these negative things to ourselves?
    Try each day to be a better person than you were the day before. Each day try to be kinder, not abused, but kinder and do not be afraid to walk away from an abuser, you are worthwhile. Each day try to be more compassionate, more diligent in your work, whatever that may be, and less judgmental. As Dr. J. S. Spong, a retired Episcopal Bishop said, “We are not a sinful race, but we are an evolving race.”

  • Satanic_Panic

    This blog is effing terrible. Who wants to click through a slideshow? What kind of idiot writes this crap?