“A Catholic Dog,” from “The New York Times,” 1877

A CATHOLIC DOG (The New York Times, May 7, 1877)

The Middletown Press tells this story: “Mr. Herrick, the liveryman, has a dog which has the peculiarity of refusing to eat meat on Friday, although he seems glad enough to get it on other days. The attempt to get him to break the rule has been repeatedly made without success. On every other day of the week he eats what is set before him, asking no questions, but when Friday comes he says by his actions as plainly as if her had words, ‘No meat on my plate, if you please.’ Other food he takes on Friday, but he has an exact discrimination, and can never be deceived by an admixture containing flesh which may be offered him on this one day. The dog was formerly owned in a good Catholic family.”

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  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Hey, the dog bread looks like an Eskimo Dog. Having had dogs, somehow I’m skeptical that any dog would refuse a good piece of beef on a Friday. ;)

  • Cindy Snipes

    Hmmmm..as a Catholic dog lover myself, I hope this story is true. It’s so sweet! Thank you for sharing it & God Bless!
    Cindy S.

  • Christina

    In my Catholic family, we kept the meatless Friday practice voluntarily after Vatican II and had tuna instead. Our dog got to lick the empty tuna cans clean. She knew when it was Friday and would appear in the kitchen expectantly before the tuna was opened. So this Catholic dog story does not seem impossible.