Thankful Tuesday: Tea, Movie, Husband Folding Clothes

Some Monday evenings, I churn out a Thankful Tuesday post and it feels easy and light and I hardly sweat while doing it. Other Monday nights, there are three (THREE!) piles of unfolded laundry that have been sitting in my living room since Saturday (or was it Friday?) and there are stuffed animals and one folded tablecloth beside me on the couch. And I have spent way too much time today worrying about book stuff and house stuff and being generally cranky.

And then my husband says, You cannot write a Thankful Tuesday post tonight. Put your computer down and drink some tea and watch a movie while I fold the laundry. And I say, Okay. But I have to tell them I’m thankful for you, husband, first.

Also, I’m thankful that at dinner Brooksie described his gymnastics class as “fantastic.” What? My two-year-old just said it was Fantastic?

That’s all. Off to drink tea!


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