Cara and Micha Take on Doppelgangers!

Back by popular demand (Just kidding. No one demanded this but Cara and me. Because we just can’t help ourselves.), Cara and I are discussing more important life issues in front of the camera: For instance, why I could never live up to the glory that is Reese Witherspoon and why the part of Cara in the Lifetime movie biopic will be played by Mia Rudolph. (Hopefully.)

Also, just in case you really want it, here’s the link to that picture of my nine year old face. (You’re welcome.)


YouTube Preview Image
  • Angela

    Hilarious!!!!! Love it!!! I want to doppelgang being the two of you funny girls!

  • Tim

    I wanna play! When I was in college about 30 years ago I was told I looked like John Ritter from Three’s Company. Several times. Including one time in London. Must have been true.
    I totally see Reese Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano in you two.

    I recently found that there is another doppelganger for me, though. We have the same name and he even has an IMDB page!

  • Leah Davis

    I was hoping this was what you were doing when you snuck out of mom’s group :) Now it’s like I get to hang out with you guys for a few minutes while my kids are napping!

  • pastordt

    You two CRACK ME UP! Feels a little like college roomies playing fun games. Just genius. That is all.