My Chalkboard: spiritual life in our everyday existence

I love Henri Nouwen. I love this quote. I only just found it this past week while listening to a lecture for my counseling course, so I haven’t ever read the book this comes from, Making All Things New. Have any of you read it?

I’m also loving how beautifully this fits with my book and the idea of “Everyday Prayer.”

Happy Friday and happy last day of February, friends!

  • Cara Strickland

    I bought this book this past summer for $1 at a yard sale. I’ll be opening it now, thanks to this.
    Thanks, friend!

  • Joy Lenton

    Micha, I love the Henri Nouwen quote and the book ‘Making All Things New’ sits on my nightstand as one to crack open again later! I’ve just got into it as a Lenten season one and It is a wonderful read so far and I am glad it is blessing you too. :)