I worked out Saturday morning with a friend. As we rode home together, the subject of Lent came up. “I just want to emphasize grace this Lent,” she said. “I’ve suffered enough these past few months and I feel like I need to recognize that before I give myself a checklist of tasks to live up to. I want to come into this season just letting myself experience God’s love.” YES. Yes. Ash Wednesday is in two days. Two… Read more

I love Henri Nouwen. I love this quote. I only just found it this past week while listening to a lecture for my counseling course, so I haven’t ever read the book this comes from, Making All Things New. Have any of you read it? I’m also loving how beautifully this fits with my book and the idea of “Everyday Prayer.” Happy Friday and happy last day of February, friends! Read more

  Found releases in 33 days! So, as we head into the month of March, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that it is available for pre-order on Amazon here. (You can buy it in paperback or Kindle!) Here are what some people are saying about it…   “I read Micha’s words and my breathing slows. She gives perspective. And hope. And a refreshing lightness to not take what doesn’t matter too seriously. She revives: When… Read more

I chase my almost-three-year-old around the bedroom with the batman t-shirt. He busts out of the doorway and sprints for the living room, squealing. “I’m not going to chase you around,” I say, even though–let’s tell the truth–I’m pretty desperate here. We’ve got to get in the car to make it to school on time and this is the daily trek around the metaphoric Mulberry Bush. Oh, the amount of energy I spend trying to make these children of mine… Read more

Throughout the month of February, Patheos has invited its bloggers to contribute to a conversation called 50 Years After Birmingham: Reflections on and from the Black Church. I loved Patheos’ idea to host this conversation in honor of Black History Month and wanted our blog to be part of it. As a white woman with a mostly white blog-audience, I also wanted to invite us to consider bigger questions of race in our churches. It didn’t take me long to… Read more

From A Prayer Journal.   I am loving this tiny, beautiful book of Flannery O’Conner’s prayers. It was a Christmas present from the hubs, which I’m just now opening, what with all my newly created reading time and all. : ) Happy Friday, friends. Read more

  So on Tuesday I wrote about the idea of “Making Space” as a spiritual practice. As I go through this series on Invitation, I can assure you that I’m just trying these ideas on for myself. Sometimes my posts can be super abstract. If I were a reader of me, I’d probably complain that I’m always all talky talky and never  practical. So let’s try being practical for a second. Here’s what Tuesday’s post looks like for me right… Read more

  A couple of weeks ago I shared how, after a difficult season of living with daily emotional stress and anxiety related to the neighbors below us, we moved. And on that first day in our new home, as I stood on our deck, looking out on our new backyard a beautifully clear afternoon, the first words that came to my mind were from the Psalms: “He brought me out into a spacious place.” One month in, as I walk… Read more

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers! Taken from Love Poems From God: Sacred Voices from the East and West. Read more

  What do you all think? Do most children’s Bibles make you cringe? Do you have any other “brown Jesus”/ “Jesus with real feelings” Bibles you make sure your kids are reading? Read more

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