Do not listen to the voices that tell you happiness is a result of accumulating money and notoriety. Wealth and fame are enslaving desires and hold you in their power by feeding on your fears for personal security and acceptance in the world. You need to know they are in opposition to the plans I have for you and the pleasure and satisfaction you seek through them last for a fleeting moment and then disappear forever. When you use your… Read more

I am the magnet of all-consuming love pulling and wooing you into the core of my indescribable glory and presence. You fight and resist me because of the fear of what might happen to you and whether I can be trusted. If you understood the short distance to freedom of your spirit from the bondage of this world; it would astound you. My destiny for you is to live intimately in union with me as a co-heir in the kingdom… Read more

I urge you not to mull over and over in your head how wrongly others have behaved toward you. When you center your attention on their conduct, it becomes a self-inflicted injury. It is natural to validate and direct your anger toward the people who hurt you when they failed to take responsibility to love and nurture you as they should. It is essential however not to let the feeling of resentment that life didn’t turn out the way you… Read more

Listen to me in the depths of your heart and being, and know I am your rock-solid friend who walks arm in arm with you. Don’t let the chaos of the voices and drama of the world cause you to question my love for you, for I have told you time after time I will never abandon or forsake you. In your darkest moments of life remember a bruised reed I will not break off and a smoldering wick I… Read more

Jesus in Mathew 6:34 wants to encourage us, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (NLT) We need to contemplate how to live in the present now of today because there is no tomorrow in real time. Everything beyond the present moment exists as an illusion we create in our mind. Time lives in the present moment, and Jesus is teaching us don’t let the cares and worries of a… Read more

We search for the mysterious treasure peace of mind an elusive gift nearly impossible to obtain in this life. In desperation, we seek a cure for the thoughts which entangle us frozen in the past and medicine to free us from the anxiety of what is unfolding in an unknown and clouded future. Remember peace of mind is never discovered by changing the scenery in your world. My peace is rooted in the garden of your heart. Let me cultivate… Read more

We all would like to know when we should risk moving on to a new phase of life. The words, “It’s time to move on!” is a more natural way of stating the obvious and far less hurtful than hearing the critical judgment from others, “You need to just, get over it and move on.” We can imagine the nightmare of floundering awash in negative thoughts with our hearts broken from the death of loved ones and the constant heartache… Read more

A beautiful depiction is the Son of God as the Bread of Heaven who comes down to earth to provide nourishment for a broken and lost humanity. The bread is the resurrection life and Spirit freely given without question for those who are hungry for the presence God. There are no qualifiers or restrictions for those who may eat and partake except they are hungry for God. Just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray “give us this day our… Read more

Our minds are like a war zone with thoughts ready to attack at any time and rob us of our peace. We soon discover trying to stop our thinking is about as helpful as a cow’s persistence to shoo flies away on a summer day. When we engage our insecurities and fears within our strength, it creates even more troubling anxiety. One nagging thought on top of another. Jesus’s word to us is to unburden your mind and heart, let my love… Read more

For some, it is the outer edge of folly, and for others, it is the transcendent hope of our souls that God came down appeared and took on flesh and became one of us. The enchantment of Christmas is the acknowledgment that the “Christ” child is “Immanuel” God with us. At the moment of creation, the triune God proclaims, “Let us make man and woman in our image and likeness.” In Romans, the apostle Paul highlights the resurrection power which… Read more

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