In my quiet time, I use a phrase that calms the thoughts in my mind through repeated repetition. The desert fathers and mothers in the early days of Christianity recited and used the Jesus Prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me a sinner,” as a way of calming their restless thoughts and minds. They would use the prayer to concentrate and meditate upon God in pursuit of a deepening and abiding relationship with Christ. The repetition of the words… Read more

It is a typical experience to lose your peace when you encounter the threatening storms and troubles of life. Don’t let the devastating circumstances and the consequences that swamp you cause you to doubt my promises. Like the seasick sailor struggling on deck when being tossed about can look at a stationary horizon to regain his bearings and equilibrium, fix your eyes on me to restore your faith and confidence in my love for you. Life is unbelievably turbulent, and… Read more

Much of your life is obsessed with an unbelievable adventure of discovering what will bring you happiness. You unwittingly seek fulfillment and meaning through every activity you undertake. Life is a maze of challenges with jobs to accomplish, tasks to perform and experiences to live. In this process, your mind transcends everything, and you have a sense of “being” in whatever is happening to you at any given moment of time. You are aware of your self-image of who you… Read more

I am forever ready to help and be present with you during your times of troubles. The issue is will you let me? I have told you anyone who tries to save their life would lose it, and anyone who loses their life in me will find it. The problem is you know too much or think you can direct your life better than me. Trusting and letting me help change the course of your life only comes about when… Read more

If you could grasp and comprehend, there is no need to perform to gain my love it would transform your life. All the attempts to merit and win my acceptance undermine your understanding that my love for you is unconditional. You do not need to do anything to be loved. The only response you need to make are loving me and love others as I have loved you. The real transformation of your heart and life is impossible when it… Read more

Let the comfort of my words do not let your heart be troubled, believe and trust in me fill your soul with peace in your innermost being. I have given the command, “Do not be afraid” as a constant reminder to be alert and diligent in guarding your heart against the world that thrives on fear and manipulation. Fear has the destructive power to paralyze and overtake your life. I have told you not to worry or fantasize about your… Read more

Believe me, when I tell you, you are my child. I created and crafted you in my image and glory. I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk arm and arm with me daily in my presence. The light of my glory releases you from the power of the dark night and the struggles you encounter each day. Do not lose sight of the strength of my love that frees and delivers you from your fears and… Read more

I know the overwhelming need you have to talk and the desire for others to understand and validate your feelings. However, it is easy to mistake your need to hear from me with the need to be heard by those around you. Your most profound challenge is to listen to my voice of reassurance and peace in the midst of the loneliness and fears you experience. Understand your incessant words and questions are a way of crying out to others… Read more

Because you trust in me, I will give you peace and rest for your soul. I created you with one purpose to live moment by moment walking with me in the strength of my unfailing love. Learn to quiet your spirit and crucify the noisy activity and earthly desires that separate your soul from me in your mind. Kill off the ideas that wound your spirit and cause you to question my love and will for you. Run to me… Read more

I invite you to draw near to me in your time of trouble. Let me help with your broken heart and feelings of sadness in the death and passing of your loved one. In your deep loss take comfort, I never left or abandoned them during the suffering they endured. In your hour of distress cry out to me and be aware in the midst of your grief that your loved ones and we will all meet again, and you… Read more

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