The Dead Are With Us Still: A Meditation on Samhain

Samhain. Halloween. The night before the first day of Winter, the beginning of the slide into the dark of the year. A night for playing tricks, gathering treats, and wearing the skins of our fantasies… and our nightmares. A night for walking, if only for a short while, with the dead. Read more

Some (Obviously Belated) Administrative Rules

I’m not saying you have to nerf your badass spooky darkling witchself, or hold strong opinions, or express them passionately. I’m not even saying you can’t be angry. I’m saying, while you’re in my virtual living room, act as though you were in my actual living room, Read more

Knowledge, Expertise, and the Life-Changing Magic of Saying “I Don’t Know”

If we’re more concerned with social capital than with gnosis, that’s what we’ll find. On the other hand, if we’re genuinely seeking gnosis, the most magical motto we can adopt is, simply, “I don’t know.” Read more

Coming Out and Staying In: A Rumination on National Coming Out Day

Many of us are “out”—visible, vocal, and open—and many of us are still invisible, still hidden. Even as we step out to be seen, heard, and witnessed, we must also honor those who cannot make that choice, those who remain hidden out of dire, even mortal, necessity. Read more

Mixtape of Shadows: Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots, The Tear Garden)

Perhaps most telling is that, whenever I try to explain to someone what it’s like to see the world through fey, enchanted eyes, I find myself sounding more like an Edward Ka-Spel song than is comfortable, for me or for my conversation partner. Read more

The Queerness at the Heart of the Charge: Gnosis and Exegesis

If we assume Valiente is the author of the Charge, she is clearly allowed some latitude in the interpretation of her work, and while she herself initially held to a heterosexist interpretation of the Wiccan magicosexual ethic, she later abjured this position quite decisively, Read more

The Intrinsic Queerness of Witchcraft, and Why It Matters

Witchcraft is inherently queer, deriving much of its power from its transgressive queerness, and any attempt to deny its intrinsic queerness is ultimately a attempt to divest it of power. Read more

Mixtape of Shadows (Three Different Ones): serpentwithfeet, Wolves in the Throne Room, Anomie Belle

What these artists share in common is the glimmering thread of mystery and magic shot through the fabric of their music. In some cases, that magic is overt and explicit, impossible to miss. In others, it’s a knowing nod and a wink, a subtle layer of context for the careful listener. Read more

Mabon and Everything After, or, Learning to Love the Equinox

The imminent arrival of the Autumnal Equinox makes this as good a time as any to confess that I’ve never felt any particular attachment to the “Wheel of the Year.” Am I a bad witch? Or am I thinking about this from the wrong perspective? Read more

Clouds in My Coffee: Addressing Some Criticisms, and Offering a Few More

If, after a careful examination of both our traditions and our consciences, we come to the conclusion that gender is an inextricable religious value inherent to our praxis, I want us to be honest about what that means, both practically and philosophically. Read more

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