If you’re suspecting that I’m about to call this a manifestation of misogyny, you’re exactly right. Read more

We live in a world on fire, and we cannot wait for a hero to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we always have been. Read more

One of the things witchcraft is for is empowering people who’ve been disempowered and trodden down by the Powers That Be. In other words, it’s for people who’ve been Othered. Read more

If witchcraft is what witches do, then the witch is the Other who does the work of being in relationship, garnering power and wisdom from the outer margins of the acceptable… Read more

Sometimes, I’m asked what witchcraft is. Rather than a definition, what I have are memories, feelings, impressions, and experiences, all of which add up to something elusive, inexpressible, ineluctable. Read more

The story of the Seeker is a classic, almost a folk ballad in its structure, and like any good folk ballad, it has a dizzyingly large number of variations… Read more

Gender and sexuality can seem a lot more complicated nowadays, especially without the language to express your experiences or understand someone else’s. Read more

That’s not to say that conventions aren’t important, or filled with magic. They can be educational, bonding, joyful, comforting, sexy, hilarious, even transformative. Read more

It’s time to get down to brass tacks… but first, I apologize for any misapprehensions the title may give. When I said “easy,” I meant “easy to outline.” In practice, they may be much more difficult. Read more

It’s not surprising that our ancestors came up with the idea of using sex as the bridge between the material and the spiritual, uniting the quotidian and the numinous. Read more

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