Even as we invoke the land, we contribute to its destruction. Read more

I was welcome to visit, respectfully, and to contribute to the local economy, especially with the native Hawai’ians. And then, at the end of my scheduled stay, I was welcome to go home. Read more

For literally the first time in my life, I felt seen and known by the land, right down to my bones. I felt like I belonged there, physically, as much a part of the landscape as the soil itself. Read more

I remember my promise to the mountain, and I am reminded that the spirits of the land—the spirits-of-place—are far, far greater than we are comfortable with. Read more

It might take a while, but sooner or later, you should get a response… and that’s when the fun starts. And by “fun,” what I really mean is “hard work and unpleasantness.” Read more

Stepping away from the slow collapse into dystopia and ecological suicide may not avert disaster, but might help us survive it, which is the kind of enlightened self-interest I’d like to believe is inherent in Pagan and polytheist praxis. Read more

Maybe there never was a “community” after all, just an assumption of universality papering over a breadth and depth of smaller communities… Read more

The assumption of universality is harmful, not only to the outliers I mentioned above, but to everyone: cisgender, transgender, female, male, nonbinary, gay, straight, bisexual or otherwise. Read more

I wondered how many people were here, taking part in a glorification and valorization of gender and sexual roles from which they were, and would always be, excluded. Read more

It’s not necessary to be born a witch or to be made one by someone else, but there are certain traits—witches’ marks, if you will—shared by most of us drawn to witchcraft… Read more

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