#GodWhoSends: This Is Only a Quest

God Who Sends by Dr. Francis DuboseIn the preface to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose explains that this book is the product of many years of study and research, starting with his graduate studies in missiology (1957-1961). He writes, “I have been bothered by the lack of a clear biblical definition of mission.”

DuBose goes on to describe the book this way: “This work is a comprehensive and systematic study of the biblical concept of the sending aimed at a better understanding of biblical mission. It is the first full, book-length study of the subject, certainly in English. The title God Who Sends was chosen because God as Sender is the basis of all the Bible has to say on the subject. The subtitle, ‘A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission,’ reflects both my desire for a more satisfying theological understanding and my realization that this can only be a quest, not a final word on the subject.”

This is only a quest, not a final word. Good reminder. The conversation continues …

What are your thoughts on the quest to uncover a clear definition of mission? Post them in the comments and/or tweet them using the hashtag #GodWhoSends

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