9/11 and the Emerging Missional Church

In this exclusive interview, my dear friend Rev. Dr. Fred Burnham shares his personal experiences on September 11, 2001, as he faced certain death with Archbishop Rowan Williams, who was his guest at Trinity Wall Street on that fateful day. It created a “circle of love” between the two men (and their other companions) that continues to this day. It was also Fred’s entree into the emerging missional church conversation, as he witnessed first-hand the reality of self-organizing complex systems, emergence right before his very eyes.

Fred also talks about relational being, which is language used in a fascinating sociological theory (called social constructionism) that is rocking my world right now. And I have Fred (and my friend Brandon McKoy) to thank for introducing me to it.

It’s a powerful story told by a wonderful man. I hope you’ll spend 13 minutes today with Fred Burnham … and then pass it along!

What are you taking away from Fred Burnham’s 9/11 story? What resonated most for you? What’s your 9/11 story? Leave your thoughts in the comments.