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Marshall Shelley from Christianity Today sends us this information about a live event series sponsored by Christianity Today and starting soon. Read and share widely!!!

This month marks the launch of Christianity Today’s first-ever live event series.  In partnership with Leadership Journal, we dedicate two years and six cities to explore faith and work. We’re calling it Redeeming Work. Our hope is to skillfully equip pastors to lead professionals in their workplace ministries.

Andy Crouch, Amy Sherman, Tom Nelson, Skye Jethani, Sara and Troy Groves, and others are committing to this important series. We also invite you to help create meaning in the world through our work.

  1. Please forward this to others who care about a theology of work
  2. Share with your networks
  3. Join us for an event! Chicago is our inaugural city on March 13. Minneapolis and Denver will follow. In 2015, we will visit Los Angeles, as well as two yet-to-be announced cities.

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Should the church care about work? Join Leadership Journal at Redeeming Work, a new event series that explores together the biblical vision for work as a calling and a part of discipleship:

What’s your church’s calling to the called? Leadership Journal is traveling nationally to explore how churches can bring flourishing to communities with an emphasis on work as a vital part of discipleship:


Attend Christianity Today’s first ever series of live events. #2years #6cities #redeemingwork

Announcing @Leadership_Jnl‘s Redeeming Work, the 1st ever series of live events from CT. First up? #Chicago 3/13.

Why are young adults leaving the church? This matters so much we’ve created a series of events around it. #redeemingwork

Announcing Redeeming Work from @Leadership_Jnl, a new event series that explores the biblical vision for work. More:

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