Three ways Dallas Seminary is helping its students wrestle with issues of faith and work

On the Oikonomia Network recently, Dallas Theological Seminary reported in on some ways they are helping students–who are training to be future pastors and church leaders–wrestle with the issues raised by 9-to-5 work. They include:

Podcasts about faith and work. You can access these from DTS’ “The Table” website along with other resources about Christianity and culture.

Chapels and faculty meetings with time for interaction and discussion.

A conference called “Your Work: More Than a Paycheck” which discussed four important themes:

  1. Work is a part of the call of God, in cooperation with the creation mandate to have dominion over the earth.
  2. Work is a way to serve others and reflect the character of God.
  3. Work helps human life flourish, developing our character and virtue, and providing meaning and spiritual capital.
  4. Work builds monetary capital that we can use to help those in need share in the activities of creation and service.

Check out their report, and those of some other seminaries across the network, for new ideas and questions–especially if you are involved in seminary or church leadership.

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