How to Deal With Distractions When You Have to Work Online

pexels-photo-306198I found these tips from Lifehacker pretty helpful, since all of my jobs except for being an Episcopal priest require constant online presence. (And that one requires more online presence than you might think.)

Lifehacker sez:

Many jobs in the contemporary workplace actually require that you’re online all the time, constantly connected to your coworkers—and to a mind-boggling ocean of distractions. Here’s how to stay focused.

When you do all of your work online—especially if you work from home—it’s tempting to sit in front of the PC whether you’re working or playing, and the lines quickly start to blur between work and goofing off. The worst result of this blurring: You’ll find yourself spending more time in front of your computer every day, but you’ll get a lot less done. That’s no good. [Read more]

The article is from 2010, so some of the technological suggestions have shifted, but most of the tips are still gold. (Like #1: Walk away from the computer. Surprising how immediately rebalancing that simple act is.)

I still have a post (ok, another post) on work-life balance in me somewhere. Until I reach balance and can write it, I can at least keep offering you tips.

Now I will walk away from the computer and do the laundry.


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