We’re part of the Patheos Faith and Work Channel, an endeavor here on Patheos which aims to provide you all kinds of resources for bringing your faith and your daily work together–whether you write books, teach children, change diapers, or lay tile.  The channel is home to some great blogs:

  • irreverent business humor from J.B. Wood and friends at Shrinking the Camel
  • thoughtful reflections on God’s callings on each of our lives from Steve Garber at Visions of Vocation
  • in-depth wrestling with Biblical messages about faith and work at Theology of Work Project
  • real-life stories meant to encourage your journey at The High Calling
  • attempts to think Christianly about economics and stewardship at Oikonomia
  • reviews of books, movies, and other resources with a faith-and-work slant at Work Cited
  • challenging thoughts on the church’s successes and failures at encouraging everyday workers at The Working Catholic
  • practical tips from the Bible in everyday language at +WORKmessages
  • stories and videos from specific Christians in the workplace at Centered
  • workplace ethics with a humorous twist at Profession of Faith

So, what is this blog here for? Well, we’re the “channel voice.” You can think of us as signposts, standing on top of the mound of information you run into every day and pointing you towards places we think you should take a second look–great posts on our own channel,  articles in the secular media that can be looked at with a “faith slant,” deeper context for news events dealing with faith and work (like the Hobby Lobby case), helpful and faith-full tips on financial matters (like our  two-part series on budgeting), and blog posts from around the universe of Christian reflection on faith, work, and economics.  And we regularly feature guest posts from some folks we think are worth listening to.

We also have an event calendar of conferences you might want to attend–with as much info as we can dig up on cost, location, directions, topics, etc.–and we’re going to try to have folks live-blogging or reporting in afterwards on many of those events. (For one example, check out  Chris Armstrong’s series of posts from the Redeeming Work conference in Minnesota!)

So….that’s us.  And we want to be helpful to you, so we want to hear what kinds of posts you’d like to see more of.  Comment early and often.  We’ll see you around!

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