About Made to Flourish

Made to Flourish: A Pastors’ Network for the Common Good is dedicated to growing the numbers and influence of pastors and churches actively integrating faith, work, and economics for ministry that produces human flourishing.

From the archives: Good fruit, thorny endeavor

One of the great joys of serving The Kern Family Foundation as a regional director is gathering together with other Kern Pastors to wrestle with profound questions of life, ministry, and how the local church can be an agent of cultural change through the integration of faith, work, and economics. This past summer, we had the opportunity to do just that, meeting every other week over breakfast to discuss Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work— a brilliant and clear-headed discussion of how faith and work intersect. [Read more…]

From the archives: Working on gratitude

One simple way to help people integrate faith, work, and economics is through gratitude. You do not need to wait until you have read three or four books on the subject, preached a sermon series, or attended the latest conference on these themes. You can begin by simply taking a moment to stop and consider what you are thankful for. Thankfulness often shows honor and respect for work performed. [Read more…]

Pittsburgh pastors seeking the common good

By Terry Timm This spring I began serving as one of the Pittsburgh regional coordinators for Made to Flourish. While my co-conspirator, Jay Slocum and I have been involved in a variety of start-up activities, one of my deep joys is bringing together local church pastors around the table to share the Made to Flourish [Read More…]

The number 1 challenge in connecting Sunday to Monday

There is a growing movement across the country among pastors and congregational leaders to think more deeply about how Sunday faith connects to Monday work. In the last several years, there have been scores of new books, articles, blogs, and conferences on the subject. The messages, though varied, often incorporate some or all of the [Read More…]

Is the Sunday to Monday gap more perilous than we thought?

By Tom Nelson “If there is a mist in the pulpit there is a fog in the pew.”  I heard those words more than once in my seminary homiletics class when my professor wanted to drive home the high importance of sermon clarity. What I didn’t hear my professor talk about was what happens if [Read More…]

The ideal church member

MEET SCOTTY Scotty is every pastor’s dream of an ideal church member. A mechanic, Scotty owns his own business. He and his family are active in Bethel Church of San Jose, serving on committees and production teams, teaching, and helping special-needs children. He is cheerful, hardworking, and has a great reputation in the community. By [Read More…]