A bonus post for those of you who celebrate Ascension Day today


What in the world does the seemingly obscure theological point of Jesus ascending into heaven have to do with our work?    Laura Merzig Fabrycky of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture puts it beautifully here: So, as you pour your coffee, perhaps reflecting on the fun or disappointments of the long Memorial Day [Read More...]

How can I follow God in my work?


Recently on the Kern Pastors Network blog Aaron Brockmeier reflected on his own foolishness.  Moving from a very dark time in college to a saving encounter with the Gospel, there was still something missing: When I heard the gospel of Jesus, it was like fresh water, reviving my soul. The campus ministry that shared Christ [Read More...]

Are you “being good” at your job? Or just good enough?


A recent article from the New York Times called “Being Good Isn’t the Only Way to Go” spotlights the fact that many people seek to volunteer outside of work because they are less than thrilled with their jobs. It begins: LAST September, the networking site LinkedIn added a feature that allowed its members to say whether [Read More...]

Are we called by God to our jobs?

How do you know if you are in the right place in work and life? [Read more...]

Five myths about the millennial worker

Millennials are rising from their futons, emerging from their parents’ basements, and stepping out of their dorms into a brave new world of employment and one of the most challenging economies in modern history. As a new generation is now entering the workforce, how should Christian employers prepare to hire employees that look and act like their own kids? [Read more...]

Hello, Officer

What would you do if you were in this policeman’s shoes! [Read more...]