Lessons from the Grinch

By Mike Coyner One of the great things about having young grandchildren is that you get to watch videos and read books with childhood stories – many of which are really adult lessons. I had that experience recently when we were taking care of our granddaughter, Leah, and she wanted to watch the movie “How [Read More…]

Working at Rest: Make a Breathing Space For Yourself at Christmas

By Jordan Dillon I work on my day off. My mind organizes tomorrow’s tasks as I lay down to sleep. I squeeze in errands between appointments. I review our family calendar while I clean up after dinner. I review the family budget while I pump gas into our minivan. My down time isn’t always rest. [Read More…]

Can your work be worship….

….even if you work on a construction site? RightNow Media thinks so: For more, check out the Work as Worship Network site. [Read more…]

Christmas Truth in Star Wars

By Bill Peel Forty years ago Star Wars hooked millions of people and became part of American culture. With most of the original-and-aged cast, The Force Awakens opens in theaters on December 18. My expectations are high although the story line is unclear. While the special effects are spectacular, it was the Star Wars story— extreme [Read More…]

Paralyzed by Grace? What We Can Learn From Monastic Discipline

Adapted from Grateful to the Dead.   We wonder today why we are spiritually anemic. This post from the monasticism chapter of my forthcoming Medieval Wisdom: An Exploration with C S Lewis moves on from the first of the “principles of mastery”–passion–to the third–discipline. Holiness is not optional, and it requires effort All this talk of [Read More…]

Leading on Gratitude Road

This past week I had the opportunity to share briefly in a chapel service at our school. The theme was thankfulness and gratitude. Whether in the Thanksgiving season or beyond, learning the art of gratitude is important for leaders and followers alike. The Good and the Bad of Future Focus But nurturing a spirit of [Read More…]