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For those of you who have served an LDS mission, the following survey is currently being taken:

Purple Heart RMs 

They are a group trying to address medical issues which occur on missions and are planning to meet with an emeritus general authority to present their data by the end of this month.  Please take the time to help out.

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  • anonymous

    I have a question. Is it wrong to watch anime pornography together as a married couple? And is it wrong to have oral sex?

    • Past Primitive™

      My thoughts are it depends on how you feel about it. I’m assuming your speaking from an LDS perspective. Many might be willing to give you a clear cut answer, or share with you there preferences or interpretation of the matter. But I think more important is how you and your spouse formed the conclusions you have?

      From my understanding oral sex is practiced by many active LDS married couples. My wife and I find it a welcome and very special aspect of our sexuality, and we are actively engaged LDS members. However that doesn’t make our conclusions infallible on the matter. But we feel it helps encourage spirituality in our marriage and life… That is our answer, could be different for other couples. I think the most important aspect of sexuality in a marriage is the bonding process. Which to me doesn’t just happen during the actual physical intimacy/contact times. But also during the process of exploring what we feel brings us more inline with each other, and our best qualities.

      As far as the anime pornography is concerned. I think the most important answer is the one you and your spouse have come to with spiritual guidance. Would you mind sharing what your conclusions, or thoughts are on anime pornography I personally think that would help help you get a lot more valuable feedback.

      • anonymous

        My husband and I are both active and engaged in the LDS church. Watching anime porn is pretty arousing for me and has helped our sex life a lot. Neither of us lusts after another person, it’s more about exploring each other while watching it. My husband is a former porn addict, and he said this is a completely different experience for him. It’s more of a bad movie. He said when done in secret, it’s completely different.

        • Past Primitive™

          As far as I am concerned you’re fine by me. My wife and I would not balk at it, we too are both active and engaged in the church. I think there is a very good place for sexual entertainment for married couples. I think it’s another way to learn more about each others sexuality. That being said I wouldn’t want to say I am absolutely right. I am always open to changing my mind.

          Also my wife and I have done similair things, and we find it completely different then being tempted to look at porn as a single person. In fact I’d say we have felt a strong sense of spirituality while engaging in it… go figure.

          So ya know… I think we are pretty eye to eye on this subject.

    • MrShorty

      If I may provide a more conservative answer. As Past Primitive says — even then, my opinion is no more valid than his or your own. Ultimately you must make your own decisions of what goes on in your marriage bed and you alone are responsible for those decisions. So my opinion is probably worth about what you paid for it.

      On watching porn (anime or other). I would stay away. Under the supervision of a qualified sex therapist, I could see pron/erotica being used temporarily to treat low desire or similar sexual dysfunctions. I don’t know that I would feel good about using it all the time.

      On oral sex: I cannot find any evidence, in scripture or LDS or Christian teaching that says oral sex is inherently sinful. If you are both agreeable to the practice, enjoy it.

  • Guest

    My brother in law is about to hold a wedding with his live in girl friend of 7 years. My husband, an active LDS Elder was going to perform the ceremony until he found out that, even though they are having a wedding they are not actually getting married. If they marry it will interrupt her medical insurance because he makes a good living and they have a baby due next year. My question is do I still attend knowing it’s a lie, and should I let any of the other guests, like my father in law, who is paying half know about the fraud? I’m am beyond disgusted by the whole thing but my husband isn’t! Am I over reacting by not wanting my children or me anywhere near this “continuing to live our lives as we always have but give us money and presents party”? Thank you

  • anonymous

    I just wanted to ask something. If God has a plan for everyone, then why is there billions of kids and adults starving to death and dieing tortorous deaths everyday? I am an lds member and active, I just thought of this though.