In the movie The Truman Show, they show the story of a boy who’s raised in a massive TV set. He grows up to become a man that’s been watched on the big screen his whole life but didn’t know it. He’s living in a virtual bubble, which is obviously tiny compared to the “outside world,” but to him, it’s everything. And there are hardships in his life, and happy moments like when he hangs out with his best friend… Read more

The Prophet (saws) said, “Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler along a path” [Sahih Bukhari]. Although though people might enjoy themselves while traveling, they don’t forget about where they’re going. If you’re on a road trip with your friends and you’re having an awesome time together, you’re not just going to be like, “Let’s forget about all the cool restaurants, five-star hotels, and tourist attractions that we were going to check out, and… Read more

There have been these Facebook movies going around lately, where they show you a flashback of your time since you joined it. Take a moment to imagine your “Duniya movie.” You’re about to stand before your Creator, and you’re watching your time in this world flash before your eyes. Imagine the first moments of your life that you can remember… your best memories, and biggest accomplishments… how you influenced others in both good and bad ways… your friends, and how… Read more

We all take pride in the character and life of our beloved Prophet (saws), and the fact that we believe in the perfect Message he preached for 23 years. But is that enough? Is it enough to just say that we believe? Should that really make us feel accomplished as Muslims? The Prophet (saws) went from being called “as-Sadiq” (the Truthful) and “al-Amin” (the Trustworthy), to being called a madman, fortune teller, and lying poet by the people who knew… Read more

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