While playing the classic nerve-wracking game Jenga, a player’s main objective is to keep building a taller tower of blocks by removing pieces from the bottom and setting them at the top. But with each piece that’s removed from the stack, the structure becomes more and more unstable, until eventually, it collapses. “Those of you who believe, enter into complete submission (to Allah) and do not follow the footsteps of Shaytan. He’s definitely an open enemy to you.” (2:208) There… Read more

When you’re physically unable to fast for long hours due to illness or feminine issues, not being able to fast for some or all of Ramadan can really take a toll on your iman. Here are 3 ways to benefit from Ramadan when you’re unable to fast: 1. Remember that Allah introduced Ramadan as the month of the Qur’an, not the month of fasting. “The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Qur’an was revealed…” (2:185). Don’t stop reading… Read more

Do you ever really need to talk to someone, or need their help, but they just don’t make time for you? Or when they finally get back to you, it’s too late and they can’t help you anymore? They know you’re going through something, but they still don’t make time for you. Even if they’re not purposely ignoring you, you wish they would just put themselves in your shoes for once. But you’re just left waiting, and waiting… and waiting…. Read more

There’s a game that’s often played as a trust-building (or team-building) exercise called the Trust Fall, where one person will fall backward into another’s arms, trusting that the person behind them will catch them. They can’t see the other person; they just let themselves go, believing that they won’t hit the ground. There are times when our relationship with Allah resembles the Trust Fall. The outcome of the situation we’re in is out of our hands, and all we can… Read more

There’s something that’s making us lose touch with reality; Some think it’s no big deal, but it’s affecting our spirituality. As this global culture shifts and focuses on connection, We’re becoming desensitized to what really deserves reflection. You can capture every moment and save it for later; Take a look at the past- or what’s left of it on paper. A thousand ghosts stare back at you from your overflowing photo book; The skeletons of moments that were killed by… Read more

Every year, as another Ramadan comes and goes, we hear the repeated mention of “Ramadan Muslims.” Some people openly scoff at them, while others whisper about them behind their backs. You know who they are… They’re accused of not taking the obligation of fasting for 30 consecutive days seriously, or not praying 5 times a day while fasting, or not giving up their pre-Ramadan bad habits and sinful lifestyle when the Holy month comes around. The sincerity of their intentions… Read more

These three heavy words seem to be thrown out left and right. They imply a lot about the person who’s “judging,” while taking all the blame off the perceived victim of the judgment. A person who is judgmental is “having or displaying an excessively critical point of view.” Is this really what’s going on every time someone says “don’t judge me,” though? Many times when someone uses this phrase, they’re not having an excessively critical point of view pushed on… Read more

 Have you ever paid attention to the fine print at the bottom of a packaged food item that claims to lower cholesterol or help you lose weight? Or those seven pages of fine print attached to a big contract that you’re about to sign? Or all those disclaimers at the end of a TV ad, which are being read much faster than the average person could possibly comprehend? Everything has a catch; that’s the nature of this world. If it… Read more

“I’m so full I can barely breathe.” “I feel like my stomach is about to burst.” “I’m about to go into a food coma.” We often hear (or say) these expressions after having a meal with others, and laugh it off without thinking much about it. Eating a lot is considered to be normal, but what are the ramifications of this habit? We hear about how more than one out of every three Americans is obese, but it’s hard to… Read more

There’s an interesting phenomenon that frequent fliers often witness, which is that when a plane hits turbulence, people start to pray. These people normally might be completely irreligious, but it’s like an instinct kicks in at that moment. They say there are no atheists in foxholes, and this is just one manifestation of that. But what happens when everything’s back to normal, and the ride is smooth again? “When harm touches the human being, he calls on Us while lying… Read more

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