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The Verse of the Sword

9:5 "Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)." Sounds scary right? It's known as "The Verse of the Sword", and admittedly many Muslims have used this verse to justify their corrupt intentions. However, it does not establish a doctrine of perpetual violent jihad against all non-Muslims for all time, as the Anti-Muslim Brain Trust would have you believe. I will show this, and then we'll discuss some … [Read more...]

Free To Dance, And Not To Dance

I was recently at an event. Not a Muslim event. It was actually more of a business networking type event. As a self employed person I found it hugely useful. The host was something of a motivational speaker, and the material was mostly about acknowledging your value so you don't sell yourself short in a negotiation or business deal. The whole thing had a kind of self-help vibe, complete with some new age style emotional coddling. There were breathing exercises, gestures of appreciation, story … [Read more...]

No Compulsion In Religion

"There shall be no compulsion in religion: For Truth has become distinct from error, and whoever rejects falsehood and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold, which never breaks. And God is Hearing and Knowing." (Quran 2:256) The placement of this verse in the Quran remarkable. It immediately follows The Verse of the Thrown, which is the most read, most widely memorized, and most prolifically displayed verse in the Quran. The Verse of the Thrown is the John 3:16 of the Quran. … [Read more...]

Fitra: Creation

In Fitra Part I we defined the Islamic concept of Original Virtue from the Arabic root fa-ta-ra. To review briefly, the word Fitra is derived from a verb which means, "to split, to cleave asunder, to knead or shape like dough." It also connotes repetition. From the Islamic paradigm we are born with Original Virtue which includes both an instinct for right action and knowledge of God in preexistence. One of the Divine attributes of God is Al Fatir, meaning "The Originator" which is derived from th … [Read more...]

Fitra: Original Virtue Not Original Sin

During Prophet Muhammad’s night journey and ascension the Angel Gabriel brought him a vessel of wine and a vessel of milk and he was made to choose. He chose milk, to which Gabriel said, “You have chosen Fitra.” Common definitions of Fitra include, “innate predisposition” or “primordial nature.” This event occurred during the Meccan period before any prohibition of alcohol. So, we know that part of choosing Fitra is conformity to an inclination toward right action we have prior to instruction. It … [Read more...]

Why Palestine Needs Bitcoin

Did you know  that the common currency in most of Palestine is the Israeli shekel, controlled by interest rates from  the Bank of Israel. Mortal enemies locked in a multi-generational blood feud that has produced that world’s largest open air prison and Palestinians still allow Israel to dictate their finances. Activists the world over advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the Zionist occupying government, so why are Palestinians still using their money? Probably because there was n … [Read more...]

My Political Agnosticism Part III: Condemning Terrorism

In Part I I talked about my political awakening, specifically how I became enamored with Ron Paul and political libertarianism. I also explained the definition of government accepted by most political scientists today, and its origins in German fascism.In Part II we examined the question, If we know that a monopoly is economically undesirable, and we know that violence is morally undesirable, why is a violent monopoly desirable at all?Today I want us to talk about condemning terrorism, … [Read more...]